XR650L vs xr400r size question

This is my first post on this site, and I am sure it won't be my last.... I am thinking about getting a XR650L. I am curious about the weight/handling. I like to ride offroad, but I want the versatility of being able to ride to the trailhead and hooligan around at will. I have considered the XR400 and converting it. I am 6'4" and around 260 lbs. and am in pretty good shape. I like the idea of the 400 because I might be able to throw it around better in the woods, but then again, with my size, maybe the 650 wouldn't be that "big". Dual sporting is on the agenda, so I would convert the 400 if that were chosen, although I am not sure how the 400 would handle on the road. My terrain varies, as I am in the military so I move here and there, and having just got back from the sand once again, I am ready to get into the brush. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Looks like a great board.

For your size & weight you'd be better off getting a dual-sported XR650R. The 400 might be a little small once you're fully geared up.

The 'L' is a good commuter bike. You can wake it up a bit with some critical mod$, but it takes some tweaking and trial & error to get it right. The suspension is pretty soft and it's really heavy for tight trail riding. Of course, the "magic button" is a big asset.

I've modded the crap out of mine for dirt and it does alright off-road, but it is still one HEAVY beast. My $0.02.

I've had both (I still have the 650L actually) and the 400 is 10x better off road....without a doubt. It's lighter, seems more powerful, handles better, jumps better, easier to pick up.

The 650L is easier to start...no doubt. If you were running the same tires on both of them then I suppose they would be comparable on the road but the 650L would be better suited to highway and extended cruising. I like lighter bikes better for back roads and in-town riding.

We can't easily dual-sport the 650R here and I haven't ridden one yet, but I agree with Dual Dog that this sounds like the ideal dual sport....or maybe the DRZ400S/E

I am 6'3" 250 (now) and the 650L is still big.

I would recommend the 650R also. For your size it would be better especially on the road. The 650R is very good in the dirt and would be fun on the street.

What kind of dirt riding are you planning? Tight trails and single track aren't are a problem, tight, muddy and rooted ones suck. (pullin' 290#'s out of a mudhole isn't fun) I've had my L since before the 650R came out, and the mods are comparable to what you could do for an XR600. At your size and weight (I'm 6', 195#), I'd definitely go with the bigbore, I LOVE the torque that this thing churns out. The 650R is a great bike, but you'd have to go through the DMV in your state to get a plate, you'd have to decide how hard that would be and if it's possible (I've heard that it's gotten pretty hard in some places).

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