Newbie needs some suggestions.

I just picked up a 2002 XR650L last weekend and I'm going to do some mods to it this winter. I'd like to get some suggestions on parts from people who have experience.

First, I want to upgrade the gas tank. Whick ones the best? I've heard that alot of people have had trouble with the Acerbis tank breaking at the mounts. I really like the looks of the Clarke 4.0 gallon tank ( model # 1387 ) but i see they also make the 1322 4.7 gallon tank. I think the Acerbis tank looks a little goofy but it might be ok. Which ones the best quality?

I'm also looking for suggestions on rear racks.


OK, here's the guaranteed hot-ticket setup that costs very minimal dollars.

1) do not, Do Not, DO NOT buy a dyno-jet, K&N, or Baja Designs jetting kit for it. Its a $35-$50 waste of money. It works better than stock, but not nearly as good as the 'recipe'.

2) Remove the slide from the carb and remove the needle from the slide

3) Drill the 2 off-center holes in the slide to 5/32 of an inch (the 2 holes not for the needle).

4) Re-install the needle, but put a 0.030 inch washer under it. Make sure the washer fits into the little 'well' at the bottom of the slide

5) File the tab off the float bowl that keeps you from spinning the pilot mixture screw.

6) Jet with a 55 pilot (get the short one) and with a 158 main. (this is sometimes a tad rich with the stock exhaust and the other mods listed here). Here in CT they're running gasohol so I had to go richer.

7) Pull ther snorkel (as suggested many times over)

8) Get a better air filter. I'm running the K&N, they say they're prone to letting dust through. UNI makes a foam filter.

9) there's a little more airflow to be had by making an easier path to the top of the airbox (its really restrictive under there).

These mods improve the throttle response enormously, and improve the driveability. The bike is so lean stock, that rejetting IS normal maintenance.

Good Luck,


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