how to un cork exuast on australian 04 450

I have thaught about either cutting the back off

and removing the baffel or cutting it out with

a hole saw.Would this work?

I'm not sure if you have the same orig exhaust as me, but your system should have a baffle insert which is held in there by 2 pop rivets either side. Just drill them out and pull the baffle out with some long-nose pliers. I know the AUS exhaust is different than the US model.

I've already done that I thaught people were taking

out something from inside the pipe. the back of mine is

welded on

a mate of mine has an Ozy 450 and he cut the outlet off, made the hole bigger and fabricted and welded on a new outlet pipe. It looks good, sounds good. Mind you, he is a sheetmetal worker by trade. Still heaps quieter than a YZ pipe , but better than the stock WR system by a long shot. I have a YZ pipe on my 426 and it's great for power, but pretty loud.

Pm me your e-mail addres and I will send an e-mail with the instructions and pics to help you out. WR Dave. :cry:

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