85 XR600 - Rebuilt motor, clean carb - hard/wont start, fouling plugs

I really don't know where to start on this, this 1985 XR600 came in with a worn cylinder so it was bored to match a Wiseco Piston bring the CR to 11.0:1.

All I have done is had the cylinder bored and put everything back in. I have not changed anything else other than clean the carb and pulse generator.

I could never kick it off when it first came in and now it will kick off after several tries but it wont idle, you must keep it about 3/8 - 1/2 throttle.

When like this and riding it has the power but I believe it's starving for fuel which is probably the whole problem.

My suspicions are: valve clearance, decompression release, ignition timing, and the carb

The only known problem is that there is no manual decompression release cable, its just the lever sticking out the side of the head, is this going to affect anything? It is not sticking the valves open taht I can tell as its in the "off" position.

I think I am going to pull the motor and do the following in this order: triple check the valve timing, check valve clearance, give the carb its 3rd bath and check all jetting.

When it does run it is strong with no smoke, the headers are thin and get cherry red.

How lean would the jetting be after moving from stock to 11:1?

Any help appreciated. thanks

I did the same with my 87xr600. Sounds like your idle circuit is not working and definately lean if your pipes are red. I upped my jetting to either 128 or 133(can't remember) primary and secondary from the stock 122. I also am using an aftermarket airfiilter(uni and k&n) with 5 one inch holes drilled in my airbox. I have taken my carbs apart and blown compressed air through all of the orifices and make sure that the correct bowls are on the right carbs, the guy who had the bike before me switched them. I am also running stock exhaust hope this helps. let us know what you find.


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