BRP under-the-bar Scotts Mount!

Woot! For anyone who was interested in the homemade under the bar mount kit from a few months back that never came together, BRP just started making the Scotts under-the-bar mount kit . Can't wait to call them tomorrow and find out when it will be available for the 650. Also, BRP is the company that makes the 1x Johnny Campbell Replica clamp kit , so hopefully they can be ordered with with under-the-bar setup. Even better, since the 1x kit allows for the bars to be pushed 13mm or 19mm foreward, and the under-the-bar mounts put the bars either 1" or 1.5" higher, there will be some real adjustability for those of us that like to stand frequently :cry: . I'll report back tomorrow night with what they say.

:cry: BRP web site says xr650 due 12/04 :cry:

Sweeeeet! Thanks for the heads up--

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