05 YZ450 useless for the trails?!?

I love my 03 YZ 250F on the trails and I want to upgrade to the 450. I was wondering since I do about 50 percent trails, if the 05 450 (because of its very tall first gear) would be unwise to use as a 50/50 bike. Does anyone here ride the new 450 in the woods? what would be the ideal year of 450 for a woods bike?

I have an 01, YZ426, have had it for about 7 months.

It also has a tall first gear and I use it for trail riding.

I installed a Rekluse clutch about a month ago and it made trail riding

much easier and enjoyable. Before I would be wrestling with the bike

trying to keep from stalling on the hilly, twisty, tight trails we have here but now, it's no problem. I would recommend it if you're going to use the YZ450 for trails.

From what I have heard the 05 motor is much smoother so I would think It would be better for woods than the years past. The 03' is the most arm pulling of all the 450's I would also recommend an autoclutch or a flywheel weight for the trails with

any mx bike.


I feel that the 05 gearing is a tad lower so I think it would be better in the woods! I ride in third now where I used to ride in second.

You should try it just as it is. The '05 is said not to need more flywheel than it has already (heavier than the '03 as is), and the engine is a bit smoother at the bottom. Mine works pretty well even though I have it geared 2 teeth higher than stock. This makes 1st gear the same as that of a YZ426. Clutch control is the only issue. With the Hinson, that's not hard. I haven't ridden a slipper clutch 450, but I don't think I'd like it.

It's not a WR or an EXC, but it's a lot better trail bike than either of those are MX bikes. And I like playing on my MX bike. :cry:

I totally agree grayracer. Ill give it a try on the new 450 but I like knowing that I can always go tear up the track too!

I can not vouch for the 05 450, All I know is what the Rekluse clutch did for my 2000 426 and testimony I have heard in regards to others adding the rekluse to thier 450's Honda or Yamaha.

Turns the bike into a living breathing woods monster :cry:

A 5 speed tranny out of a WR would be a nice upgrade to the YZ, although it's probably $7-800 for just the parts.

I ride my 03 in the trails with no flywheel weight its a handfull but a blast. When i go to technichal places i drop one tooth on the front sprocket and it rides like a tractor allthough i am getting a small weight in the future.

Pretty much.

I was an avid hare scrambles racer until I got my '03 450. After burning up clutches and stalling repeatedly I gave up all technical trails with elevation changes and went stricktly motocross. I added the 5 oz flywheel and it made it better but wasn't enough help to make it less difficult on the tight rugged stuff. I rode an '04 and it wasn't much different in that respect.

It's really not a trail bike but if the trails you ride are fairly open and don't have a lot of stop and go stuff the bike is still a blast to ride in the woods.

I still wanted to ride in a couple of our local races so I actually bought a second bike for hare scrambles.


How do you like the 5oz flywheel weight? I ride mostly mx and was thinking of the 5oz gytr for my 03 and was just wondering if you are happy with it. I like the hit of the 03 but think the weight might help smooth me out a lil more.

I run the Dr. D 4oz, and I like it. I also have the Ti4 exhaust with the Power Bomb header. The exhaust gets rid of the little sag/hit blip in the power curve at about 8000, and the flywheel makes the engine much more controllable in loose corners. It's still a monster if you just grab it all at once, but now you can roll it on and dial up any number you want. Powerslides are easily throttle controlled, like a four stroke should be.

Either the Drd 4oz or the GYT-R 5 would be what I would suggest. The DrD 6 is something I thought about on and off, but it would probably be more than what you want, since you say you like the way it is.


How do you like the 5oz flywheel weight? I ride mostly mx and was thinking of the 5oz gytr for my 03 and was just wondering if you are happy with it. I like the hit of the 03 but think the weight might help smooth me out a lil more.

I bought the GYTR so that I could switch back and forth it I felt like it. I have never felt like it and never will. It has little effect on the hit and doesn't really smooth the power much at all. All it does make it more forgiving in the turns because it will not stall as easily as it did. It will give you more confidence in the tight bumpy corners and you will love it. :cry:


what is the biggest wt someone makes?

I have an '05 yz450f and it seems to be fine on the trails. Like grayracer said it isn't a wr but it is better than the past years. I had an '03 before and the '05 motor makes trail riding easy. You can ride it tame but there is still bottomless power for when you need it.

what is the biggest wt someone makes?

To the best of my knowledge, the biggest weld-on ring type (GYT-R and Dr.D) is an 8 oz. The largest bolt-on is a 12 oz. These two are probably almost identical in their effect. Since some of the bolt-on's weight is in the center, rather than located enetirely on the flywheel circumference as the weld-ons are, they are less effective per ounce the weld-ons. Plus, the weld-ons are balanced after the weight is installed, and will never work loose any more than the flywheel itself will.

trails are fun on my 2000 426, but it definitely likes the faster trails. On the slow stuff, I just raise the idle and it helps. I also modified the clutch hand lever and made the clutch pull a lot easier. It is not the best trail bike made, but on high speed sections, it flat rips. I like it more than my new yz450 (2004) because it has a five speed, but both bikes are a blast top ride. The 2004 is a bit more suited for MX. The 2000 426 is a bit better for trail (and street).


Even with a 5oz flywheel weight I was never really happy with my '03 YZ450 as a trail bike. IMHO - ya need a 5 speed. That means WR or CRF.

The flywheel weight helped, but after I put the DR. D pipe on I wished I had gone heavier on the weight. The engine is a monster...great for the track but needs quite a bit of taming for trails...even the wide open Dez I ride.

( If anybody needs a core for a heavy flywheel or other 450 parts, check the parts for sale forum. :cry: )

I have an 02 WR 426 with some mods there awesome in the woods.They have a five speed tranny and different cam timing and ignition timing.But un-corked they have a lot of power.My brother-in-law rode mine and a 04WR450 said they felt the same in power and suspention.I sure love they way my bike runs very strong!!!!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:

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