05 YZ450 useless for the trails?!?

I am a big guy (6'0 and 220) and love my '04 yz450 in the woods. I run stock gearing, CR high bars with Bark Busters and a Pro-Taper adjustable top triple clamp. I also added a FMF Power bomb supercross header to get better snap off the bottom. You have to ride with a lot of momentum. Kinda like ridding a big 125! I am going with a Rekluse clutch as soon as I can afford it.

Stealthy 13 oz weight, 53 tooth rear, lowered two inches (revalve also)

works pretty good (notice I said pretty good) WR is probably a better choice

electric starter definately a plus.....hard to say what will work for you Bro,

If your a young TALL guy that can ride fast.....the YZ might be your deal

Im 56 and fat and out of shape so when I go riding with FAST GUYS..

I suck alot of DIRT....So if you like EASY as opposed

to HARD read these stories and compare your needs

BUT, have fun at all costs..

BC :cry:

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