Looking for a 05 450F in Sacramento area

I would like to talk to any owner of an 05 450F, preferrably in the Sacramento area. I have on 03 and want to upgrade to an 05, but I have some questions before I make the commitment.

Please send me a PM.


I baught a 450 from Capitol and the sucker I am I let them rip me off on set up fees. so would suggest you stay away from Capitol Power Sports. If you need any new gear or parts for that bike see Kellie at the Moto-X Store 9500 Micron (362-4486) she will beat any store or dealerships pricing in town.

I have done business with Kellie. I needed a tire late on a Sat. She gave me a great price with a smile. I will buy from them again.

I recommend Folsom Lake Yamaha. New store, great guys, pleasure to do business with.

Thanks for the feedback.

My I be so bold as to ask how a guy that lives in Colorado would know about a rather new store in Rancho.


I came out to race the Hangtown Amatuer Days and to watch the National. I needed an oil filter and some other stuff and ended up in Folsom Lake Yamaha. Changed the oil at their shop and ended up with a stripped bolt hole in the case. Their service manager got that fixed, then there was a slight drip. The parts manager dug through all his parts to find an o-ring to fix it. While working on that, one of the bike set-up guys noticed my front brake pads were shot, so we got those replaced. The brake seemed spongy to the guy, so he bled my brake line (no charge).

I got a lot of attention and assistance late on Thursday afternoon to help my weekend go well. It was cool!

The track was fun and I got 5th. Very nice. Then the National on Sunday was awesome with RC back for the first time in a while and Ron-Ron mixing it up with Bubba.

This year, Colorado is getting its own National, so I probably won't make the trip to Hangtown again.

Anyway, the guys at Folsom Lake Yamaha were great to me.

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