WR450 suggestions, looking to buy

Hey guys, Lots of good info around here. Im starting to look around a bit at WR450's and getting rid of an XR400. The question is are there any significant changes that would make you take a certain year over any other? I would like to stay in the 2004 or lower for sure, for price sakes probably 2003 possibly. I hear the 2005's have been lowered and that does not appeal to me in the least being 6'4''.

Any input is much appreciated.


I went from an xr to a 04 wr450 done most of the free mods now it rips.

Got an 04 and it rocks!! If you like to go fast, cruise, tackle bumps, be comfortable and have some great reliability then you are looking in the right direction. Good luck

2003 had trouble with woodruff key shearing in the starter when it backfired on starting. Any 2003 would need the 2004 starter gear, but im not sure how much it would cost. That is the only WR problem that i am aware of.

I also went from XR400 03 to WR450 04 the bike is awsome,you just want to ride it all the time, so buy one now you wont be dissapointed

have they been making these only since '03? How are the other years if not...anyone?

03' was the first 450, later ones were 426's and earlier than that was 400's. Right everyone?

Yes '03 was the first year for 450. I had an XR 400, then a DRZ400, and now a WR450 and all I can say is this bike is awesome. I haven't even done the free mods yet and like it was stated earlier, it just makes me want to ride every weekend (like I have been the last month and a half). I got a smoking deal on my '04 and even if I could have gotten an '05 for a good price I would have bought the '04. I like the taller height, more fuel capicity, no smog equipment, etc. Don't worry, you'll be happy with it.

GET THE 04 especially since you can get a good price on one now . :cry:

what price would you expect on an '04? A guy is selling one here with 55 miles on it.

Dealers probably dont have any anymore

How does he know how many miles? There is only a trip meter on it that can be reset.

How does he know how many miles? There is only a trip meter on it that can be reset.

Hey there I see your new so welcome.. I don't know if you noticed but this post was originally from Nov' of '04 ...but your right about the trip meter...

just got my 04 back from having valves checked..... still in spec and i flog this thing even lots of road miles on it woot woot!

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