turn signal mod

Since I only use my xr650l 99.9% for offroad I replaced the stock turn signals with smaller ones. I used the clearance lights that the use on trucks, but now they don't blink they only turn on, I tried putting the stock lights back on but still no blink. do motorcycles have a blinker fuse like a car? where can i find it? also, since i don't have a manual what is the oil capacity of the xr650l? thanks in advance.

Get a "load independent" flasher from an auto supply store. The lights you bought don't draw enough current to make the stock flasher flash.

Oil capacity, (with filter change) is 2.1 quarts.

where do i install the load independent flasher?

replace your existing flasher with it.

i got it figured out, i was looking in the fuse box for the flasher. i went down and picked up a variable load flasher, plugged it in and it works great. thanks for the help

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