mobil 1 ATF

I'm looking for a heavier fork oil, possibly mobil 1 ATF.

My question is this ... does the 05 YZ 450 fork design change anything when it comes to adding heavier oil or should they perform like prior models with heavier oil.Just don't want to mess anything up.


Dont know about the new forks...but Im really happy with the performance of a 50/50 mix of mobile 1 atf and enzo 01 weight in my 01 426. My forks have come change, I'll try straight atf

The 05 has a very complicated twin chamber fork. Changing oil is harder to do and special tools are needed.

The 05's are supposed to have great forks stock.

There ok if you ride hard pack but on rougher tracks they are sort weird. They are real stiff at the top of the stroke and then get soft in the middle and then back stiff again at the end of the stroke for bottoming. After a revalve from Fat Max Racing they are the bomb!!!!

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