Anyone got a WR stock pipe for sale?

I've got the White Bros E-Series pipe on my 99 WR (installed by prev owner).

In some of my riding areas there is more concern about noise and a stock pipe would resolve this problem. I want to keep the e pipe for racing, but swap to a stock pipe to train in a specific area.

Please contact me with asking price at

Do you need the complete stock head pipe?

Hi Ron.

I sent an email to the address that was listed in your post. I have the parts you need, so if you don't get my offline email, respond back to me here at ThumperTalk.

Jeff (

I have 2 stock wr pipes and baffles, and don't need either one. I'm in buffalo, new york. for $125. (or make an offer) I'll UPS one to you. Or you could just go down to 5-7 discs on the WB. I have the quiet core in my WB e pipe (Ithink its at 7 discs) and I like it. good usable power, not too much noise, I think the core was about 40 bucks. good luck!

I have a new pipe for sale. It only has about 2 hours on it. That was a test ride before i bought the bike. Make me an offer. I was thinking 100.

Crazyadam,do you think the quiet core makes a really big difference in noise level?Have you tried the bike with the core in and then immediately after with it out to see if there is a big loss of power?I have an E-Series and currently run 8 discs.I like the way the bike works now and personally I don't think that it is really too loud,but I have considered the quiet core to try and keep the forest fairys happy.I would just hate to spend the $75.00 CDN and not like it. Any input would be appreciated.

BTW- I'm only about 2.5 to 3 hr. drive from Buffalo,maybe we could get together someday for a ride on either side of the 49th.I know there's a few Southern & Central Ontario T-Talkers out there that might be interested in a yearly CANUSA camping&riding weekend. There's probably even a few Quebecers that would make the drive(they're crazy anyways)if we could plan something decent.After all,we can't let all those guys on the left coast have all the fun. :)

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