Stupid exhaust question.

I noticed this the other day when I started my WR in the dark garage:


The pipe is so hot it's red from the head all the way to the pipe guard. Is this normal? I've only had the WR for about a month and haven't ridden it too much. All my other bikes are faired so you can't see the pipes and I haven't noticed this on my little 70 and 125.

I realize this is probably a stupid question but I bought the bike used and am a bit paranoid about it.

The header is made of titanium and it's really thin, I would think it's normal never noticed it on mine. My friends WR400 glows in daylight. I had to replace my header from it being too hot and something hitting it while I was riding and it bent it perfectly around the radiator. I would suggest getting a Stainless steel header. I got a Powerbomb SX version and it made a noticable difference in the performance.:cry:

Nah, no biggie at all. These bikes run on a pretty high compression ratio, and sitting at idle will do that quite quickly. You normally don't see it, unless it is dark, but all these four strokers will cherry up the header in no time.

If you are going to sit for more than a minute or so without any air going over the radiators, go ahead and shut it down.

But, to answer your question; it is common, and nothing to get all that worried about.


Thanks. I thought maybe I was being paranoid, but I'd hate to ruin a perfectly good bike.

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