I Got a WR450 03

Yipee got one.. pick it up tomorrow

Just ordered a set of super moto wheels (Talon/Morad) and 320mm kit

so what gearing should I use for the moto wheels on the road...any advice on free mods would be greatly recieved...

Heres to the fun of Tarmac and Mud... Yipee is Xmas... :cry::cry:

Thanks.... excellent site :cry:

Just curious, what did you pay for the wheels? I need to get me some but $1000 is steep.

£695.00 for:-

17 x 3.50/4.25 Talon/Morad wheels

320 Front Disk


Rear Disk

Caliper Bracket


Come on Guys, still need some Gearing Info, some of you use 16, but then some say 16 does not fit, at the moment by looking through threads I have worked out:

Stock 15/50

Moto/Road:16/44 or 15/42 (same really, and the same as my Road bike)

Off Road: To many to list, but just normal newbie off road gearing


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