Seting up the new 05 YZ450

Ok well I've riddin my bike enough to know what I like and dislike about it. First of all my info: 5'8 185lbs, riding for 3yrs, just started MX and alittle bit of SX. Now what I feel like is that I for some reason can never get my footing right plus it feels like Im bending more over to reach the bars then I would like. Also Im doing things like certain excersizes(spelling?) to improve the duration of arm strength and less armpump but I still get more then I would like. I like the sweep-back of the bars so thats ok, and the length from side to side is good but I want higher and vibe-cutting bars. Also what chain/sprocket set-up should I go with. I can go about $300 max on the chain and sprocket combo and about the same for the bar+possible tripleclamp set-up. Thanks for any info you can provide.

I run a RG3 triple clamp. The four post design ith bushings is very strong and cuts down on vibration. I also use Renthal Twinwall handlebars. These are NOT the best for vibration reduction because they are very stiff......but VERY strong.

As far as chains, the DID X-Ring is the best thing that I have ever seen. It is soooo tough. It does have a little more rolling resistance than a non oring chain, but you will never notice with the 450. As far as sprockets, I have the Titax Stainless steel rear. It also wears really well and is a great combo with the chain. The Ironman Sprockets look very good also, and they will also offer great wear characteristics while being very light. They are also the most expensive way to go. Stay away from Sidewinder IMO.......they are snakeoil.

i would say rg3 clamp with flexx bars i have them and they work great can really tell a difference i believe they only have 2 different bends but they also come with 3 sets of bushings soft, med, hard takes the spike out of landings and i can do more laps with less fatigue!

The absolute best thing I ever did for arm pump is get the suspension revalved from factory connection. It made a much faster rider and much more confident to boot. Anyway with 600 bucks you could easily do the forks and shock instead of the chain, sprockets and bar.

I agree that suspension is a good thing. But, I think chain, sprockets, and bars should always come first.

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