Storing VP U4

I have been hearing lately that you are not suposed to store U4 in a plastic jug that it looses its oxy content if it is not in a metal can. I have been storing it in plastic scince i started using it a year ago. Does it really matter? Are there any decent metal cans out there that dont leak all over and are ease to fill the bike with as well as transfer from the VP can. Just wounering what you guys use.

Yeah..thats funny. Its hard to find a metal can nowadays. I bought some for the first time last week. That stuff has the strongest smell of any fuel that I have ever smelled. It stunk up my whole garage while in a metal can. I had to move it to a new shed. I did drain my tank when I was done riding, as I have heard, just as you have, to not store it in plastic. I also drained the carb bowl. Man, that hurt to see 9.50 a gallon drible out on the ground. :cry:

I never drain it out of my bike and it runs fine so i dont know what the big deal is.

Just store it back in the metal can it came in. Or if you have one around you could try an Army Navy store for metal can.

This rule goes for all gasoline, not just race gas. With the better quality of VP, I'd say it's less of an issue than with cheap gas?

I store mine in 5 gallon metal VP cans that look like kerosene cans. And to swap it to the plastic jug, I use a squeeze pump like from a kerosene heater. Those kerosene metal cans would probably work well, but I'd paint them so there is no mix-up as to the contents. I think you can get them at Wal-Mart or anywhere. Well, maybe not in SoCal!

There is a way to pour the fuel out of the original can without spilling a drop. Using a standard size funnel, leave the vent closed and pour with the large hole at the top...

Don't know about the VP cans, but the Klotz and Nutec cans I use have a small plastic not push and pull this spout open and closed every time you use it as it will crack. Once you pull the spout up, leave it up.

Once the fuel quits "whooshing"(technical term lol)when you open the can, you might as well pour it in the van as it has lost most of it's "poop"(another technical term). Tdub

VP has a spout but no vent. I use a cheap pump for about the first gallon and then you can pour the rest. The problem, well not really, is that they fill the jug all the way to the spout so you can't lean it over very well without spilling it.

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