New Triple Clamp

I bought a new top triple clamp for my 04 450. There are notches on the top to adjust the bar postion forwards or backwards. My question is the stock postion good for corners or should I move them? Im an novice rider but never had an aftermarket triple clamp. any feedback would be great. Thanks

There are as many variations on bar positioning as there are stars in the sky. Everyone likes them a different way. It all depends on what feels comfortable to you and your physical size. The popular thought is that the bars high and up will help you get square in corners. Remember a few years ago when Ricky Carmichael was running his bars almost in his lap.......didn't stop him from turning well did it??

10-4 on that. You should move em forward and to back and see what feels most comfortable. I like em more forward .......Good Luck :cry:

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