Another Rekluse Question

I am thinking about putting a Rekluse clutch in my '04 yz450. What gear combo for tight, nasty, rooty, hilly and rocky trails do most guys run?

I would just put the autoclutch in, and then ride it a bit. You may not need to even think about changing your gearing. Most folks I think tend to ride a gear higher, or lower in the RPM range with the auto clutch.

You'll love it!

I agree with oldbones on that. I went up one tooth on my 426, 49 to a 50. Only reason I did that was they did not have a 49 tooth in stock otherwise I would had stayed stock gearing. The clutch makes so much a difference you will be amazed

Right on. As soon as I get the money saved up or win the lottery I am going to buy one. Everything I hear about the Rekluse seems to be positive.

Thanks guys!

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