Dr. D Hot Start

I want to run the Dr.D hotstart kit on my YZ426(soon to have the DCM). Currently I have the ASV Clutch Pro perch with built in hot start lever that was used for a decompression lever. If i buy the Dr.D kit, can I remove the Dr.D lever and hook up the cable to my ASV lever? I'd like to keep using it since it's built into the perch already. Any info would be appreciated!

I would say that if the lever has enough throw and the cable will attach to it there is not reason is should not work. But, I had a Dr D hot start and will recommend against it. They do warn you that you need to keep it lubed and man do they mean it. Here is what happens. When you wash the bike, water will get in the housing. It causes minor corrosion of the cable in the form of a whtie powder which on the next washing flows down the cable. It works it's way around the hot start plunger and basically glues it to the carb body. Luckily when I called Dr D they new exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. And since the fix destroys the Dr D system, they sent me a brand new one. Basically, I had to take the carb out and drill out the plunger. Ofcourse this was after messing with it on my own and breaking off part of the boss on the carb that the assemble screws into. Luckily, I was still able to screw in the stock peice and it all works well. Good news as a new carb for this bike is $900!!!!!

I will definitely say there customer service was excellent but I am not so crazy about the hot start. I really don't think it gives you anything either. It was ackward to use and I can't say that it made hot starts any quicker. Maybe if you were in a race and need every second. But compared to what you lose by stalling it, the minimal gain here is not much.

IMO just stick with the stock set up.

I agree with berudd, not worth the frustration...... he by the way you goin tonight??

You should be able to do that with no trouble at all. The very worst case would be if you had to build a custom cable, but that's easy, and I doubt it will be required.

Here's something you may find useful. These hot start kits have been known to stick due to corrosion around the air valve in the carb. This corrosion is almost certainly the result of water getting into the cable when washing the bike. We try not to get ours wet (my 250F has one), but it does anyway, and then it gets stuck, and it's a PITA to fix.

BUT, it doesn't have to happen. Just remember to run the bike for a minute or two after you wash it. As soon as it will tolerate running without the choke, hold the revs up around 3 or 4 grand and hold the hot start lever open for 20 seconds or so to draw out any water in that passageway. Works everytime we do it (I know because evertime the kid forgets to it sticks).


You folks must be some of those "No Maintenance" folks I've heard about. I have had my Dr D, lever mounted Hot start since I got my 426 and have had no problems what so ever. It gets cleaned and lubricated everytime the throttle cables get done.....4-5 rides... and is just like new.... a little cable ease spray is all it takes.

Bonzai :cry:

With 3 motorcycles, 5 computers, 2 dogs, 3 cars, a house, a yard, my wife and a 14 year-old son, I do enough maintence without adding to my troubles already. I lube my cables often enough, but I never have to lube the hotstart on the factory setup on my 450. Since I started the run up after cleanup routine with the Dr.D on my 250F, I don't have to lube it either. :cry:

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