Brake Switches

I looked though the different posts reguarding brake switches. I think I will go with the Baja Designs one. One question though when I order it which one do i order to fit a 99 wr400? Brake light switch or the hydraulic brake light switch? Also, can some one tell me a little bit about a dual sport ride they have been on? My neighboor invited me to go on one but not really clear on what one is, any help is appreciated.

Thanks faster 400


I have a 2000 wr400 and I just received an email from Baja the other day with the part numbers for both the front and back brake switches. Front is 12-0103 and the back is 12-0104. I asked them for this info and also any brackets I may need and these are the only two part numbers I received. They are $19.95 each. Hope this helps.


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Definitly go for the hyd. switch. I have owned both and the other design breaks down.

Watch out at the duelsport ride they have had decible meters at the last two in Ohio

also they check for spark arrestors.

So if you are running an after market pipe look out..

They are a great way to find new trails.

Sometimes too much road for me.

You need a switch that threads into the rear master cylinder. The thread is 10X1.25 mm for your bike. The switch should cost about $20.00. I can send you one if you have trouble locating it.


A dual-sport ride is basically a trail ride with some paved roads connecting the trails. Down here in central Florida, it is a prerequisite that your bike is street legal so you can ride without worrying about getting stopped by rangers.

In New England most of the dual sport rides include optional Hero Sections. If you don't ride these sections the rides are mostly fire roads and dirt roads with some easy single track. The Hero Sections can very tough though. We spent 2 hours getting a buddy through a 2 mile one a couple years ago.



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Jon, Are you going to do the Amanusuk Dual Sport ride Sept. 9?

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