WR450 Indicators

Hi all,

Newbie Question, have a WR450 03, it has all Switch Gear (Indicators and Horn) on the Bike but No indicators, is there a Kit I can buy to put the Indicators..

Oh and Yamaha Part number Please

Thanks in advance

hmmm I don't unnderstand.....

It has a Horn, Speedo, Switch Gear, Wires for Indicator....I can see no Brake Switch on from or Rear brake... so what I am I missing or is the Switches and Indicators in the Yamaha Road KIT ????

What the Part Number and What do you get..

There are a few manufacturers of switch gear as part of dual sport kits or stand-alone. Hard to say without knowing more about you and your bike, and even then it would be hard without a photo. I believe the Euro and Oz models can come with switch gear and are called Enduros. The previous owner may have had a dual sport kit on that bike and removed it for sale. Search here for dual sport, street legal WR, bajadesigns, or Trik and you'll get some hits.

Also, it will be hard to find the Yamaha part numbers for that type of equipment in the US, if that applies to you. Although part number lookup is easy on the US Yamaha site, the street legal gear is for other countries (lucky people).

Arh Ha... Found teh Wiring ........Question Should there be a brake switch on the Front brake or only on the Rear brake... ????

Arh Ha... Found teh Wiring ........Question Should there be a brake switch on the Front brake or only on the Rear brake... ????

That entirely depends on the previous owner and what he installed. I have generally seen them only on the rear (since that's the easiest place to install them with wiring, etc.) but it's possible to have one installed on the front as well. I installed one front and rear. :cry:


Which front switch did you use ???

Which front switch did you use ???

It's a KS brake switch (Ken Sean) that the local Yamaha dealer had in stock. I like having a front one for street riding (easier to hold the brake light on at a stop for cars coming up behind me.)

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