exhaust ???s

Im going to pick a new '04 WR450 on sunday. And since I'm giddy as a school girl I started putting together my upgrade wish list hangards, levers, skidplates ect... However, when I got to the exhaust I paused.

I've had the Q on my last few bikes but thought I might like to try out something new. So any opinions on the white bros E2 on a WR?

I was also looking at these guys http://www.crdoffroad.com has anyone used there exhaust?


I went with the Power Core 4 and Quite Core Insert so I can get the bset of all worlds. I would also recomend the JD Jett Kit. Those two things really woke my bike up, 04 wr450. good luck :cry:

Yep the JD jetting kit is already on the way :cry: . I was also looking at the pro circuit 496. any opinions

I thought you were heading to Paragon on Sunday. Are you taking the new bike? If you dont get a chance to get the exhaust and want a pro-moto billet insert, ive got one brand new in the package. Ordered it, and didnt realize that the guy I bought my bike from had one already, and mailed it to me. I paid 45 to my door, ill give it to you for like 30 bucks. And hey we are close enough.....(West Chester) Good luck with the new bike. Cya Stinson

yeah the deal on the bike came up real quick, and it's just to good of a deal to pass on. And to make matters worse I am having oral surgery on wed. so I don't think I will be able to get my helmet on. But if I can squeeze it over my head I gonna ride. Time is running out before the snow.

I'll get intouch with you about the insert after I pick up the bike. The pro moto was the other route I was looking at.



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