Baja 1000

I just heard racer 10X went down hard on their Husaberg FE550. I'm

not sure if it was Tommy Black or one of the other guys in his

group, but they fractured thier leg and are in lots of pain from

what I heard. 3X which is the XR's Only team (Mike Childress, Mouse

McCoy & Chuck Dempsey) was leading the race at check point

1. Rob Barnum is racing ironman (solo). I haven't heard much else

on rider positions, but there's lots of XR650R's entered in this


This is from weatherman first fatality at 11:00


11:04 a.m. PST Marty Coyne's Four Wheel Parts truck is reportedly

first on the course right now. The truck was designed and built by

Robby Gordon Off-Road and started in the fourth position


11:11 @ Check Point 5 New leader 1X Steve Hengeveld and Change of

lead 11:12 TT 5 Marty Coyne @ Check Point 2

Here's some of the sources providing real

time updates...


Here's a class listing of racers, their ages & their bikes...



*** CLASS 22 ***


*** (250cc or more) ***

1x Steve Hengeveld, 29, Oak Hills, Calif./Johnny Campbell, 33, San

Clemente, Calif./Kendall Norman, 20, Santa Barbara, Honda XR650R

2x Kent Richardson, 45, San Diego, Honda XR650R

3x Mike Childress, 21, Wrightwood, Calif./Mouse McCoy, 35, Santa

Monica, Calif./Chuck Dempsey, 35, Hesperia, Calif., Honda XR650R

4x Gary Cluff, 42/Scott Rucker, 28, Mesa, Ariz./Sam Rames, 36,

Glendale, Calif., Honda XR650R

5x Robert Barnum, 39, Phelan, Calif., Honda XR650R

6x Bert Schramm, 48, Hesperia, Calif., Honda XR650

7x Brian Pinard, 30, Wildomar, Calif./Bo Harris, 22, Fallbrook,

Calif./Jim McKay, 28/Roland Bucher, 27, Hemet, Calif./Martin

Lemiereux, Canada, Honda XR650R

8x Chris Blais, 23, Apple Valley, Calif./Kellon Walch, 21, Las

Vegas/Andy Grider, 31, Los Olivos, Calif./Scot Harden, 48, Menefee,

Calif., KTM 700LC4

9x Scott Hamby, 33, Bellflower, Calif./Ronnie Smith, 33/Danny

Fitzgerald, 32, Orange, Calif./Christian Lee, 33, Long Beach,

Calif., Honda XR650R

10x Tommy Black, 35/Tony Gurule, 27, Las Cruces, N.M./Kyle Abney,

33, Webster, Texas/Joan Bunton, 44, Ludikngton, Mich./Karl

Seiberling, 43, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Husaberg FE550E

12x Enrique Legaspy, 32, Punta Colonett, Mexico, Husqvarna TD

13x Chris Eberz, 49/Sean Eberz, 22/Carlin Dunne, 22, Santa Barbara,

Calif., Honda XR650R


*** CLASS 21 ***


(126cc to 250cc)

100x Joe Desrosiers, 35, San Marcos, Calif./Jesse Sharpe, 27, San

Diego/Julian Guerra, 39, Goleta, Calif., Yamaha YZ250

101x Jim Townsend, 48, Orange, Calif./Lindsay Smith, 37/Cliff

Parker, Huntington Beach, Calif., Honda CRF250X

102x Katsuhisa Mikami, 39/Jun Mihashi, 39/Hiroyuki Watanabe, 39,

Japan, Honda XR250


*** (Riders over 30 years old) ***

300x Jim Ferguson, 43, San Francisco/Eric Brown, 38, Phoenix, Honda


301x Mitchel Sanchez, 30, Campo, Calif./Darryl Varnado, 36,

Boulevard, Calif./Shad Bodenstadt/Eddie Zeller, Coronado, Calif.,

Honda XR650

302x Eric Bjorklund, 49/Stuart Gildred, 36, Santa Barbara,

Calif./Eugene Lane, 45, Redondo Beach, Calif./Jon Johnson, 43,

Lompoc, Calif./Gaylon Neustel, 42, Solana Beach, Calif.

303x Tom Tunicliffe, 42, Burbank, Calif./Mike Blackman 34, San

Marcos, Calif., Tim Morse, 42, Burbank, Calif., Honda XR650R

304x Todd Starks, 38, Tarzana, Calif./Keith Jones, 51, Templeton,

Calif./John Thornton, 43, Riverside, Calif.

305x Gerardo Rojas, 30, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/Sergio Vega,

37/Manuel Santana, 43, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda XR650

306x Jimmy Lewis, 36, Costa Mesa, Calif./Tim Morton, 37, Escondido,

Calif./Jonah Street, 32, Ellensburg, Wash./Dave Donattoni, 41,

Thousand Oaks, Calif., BMW GS1200, BMW

307x Jose Ribas, 39/Alvaro Garcia, 34, Guadalajara, Mexico/Humberto

Amado, 42, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, KTM 660Rally

*** CLASS 40 ***

(Riders over 40 years old)

400x Jim O'Neal, 58, Chatsworth, Calif./Tim Withers, 48,


Hawaii/Jeff Kaplan, 45, Newbury Park, Calif., Honda XR650

401x Jeff Matthews, 44, Westminster, Calif./Joe Black, 47, Laguna

Hills, Calif./Tim Rodriguez, 45, Encinitas, Calif., Honda XR650R

402x Greg Hauser, 41/Larry Brown, 47/Scott Atchison, 42,

Bakeresfield, Calif.

403x Michael Laenger, 43, Sherman Oaks, Calif./Kent Perkins, 46,

Bakersfield, Calif./Seward Ogden, 44, Putney, Vt./Kevin Ward, 42,

Chatsworth, Calif., Honda XR650

404x Bob Fallers, 47, Peoria, Ariz./Gary La Plante, 47, Aguanga,

Calif./Brian La Plante, 51, New River, Ariz.

405x Tatsushi Murata, 45, Japan, Honda XR650R

406x Matt Lyman, 41, Honolulu/Steven Trinies, 42, Kanehoe,

Hawaii/Darryl Hambleton, 41, Acton, Calif., Honda XR650

407x Earl Roberts, 43, Mexicali, Mexico/Dana Jones, 48, Scottsdale,

Ariz./Steve Buckley, 44, Oak Park, Calif.

408x Gerardo Garcia, 42/Alejandro Ibarra, 50, Tapaipa,

Mexico/Guilliermo Gomez, 41, Zamora, Mich., Husaberg U650

409x Lukas Lundin, 46/PG Lundmark, 41, Canada, Honda XR650

*** CLASS 50 ***

(Riders over 50 years old)

501x Gene Dempsey, 64, Van Nuys, Calif./Sam Dempsey, 60 Lake Balboa,

Calif./Doug Heil, 50, Glendora, Calif./Ron Bishop, 61, Escondido,

Calif./Jim O'Neal, 58, Chatsworth, Calif., Honda XR650R

548x Chris Haines, 53, Dana Point, Calif./Jack Johnson, 52, Las

Vegas/Malcolm Smith, 63, Riverside, Calif., Honda XR650R

500x Richard Jackson, 58, Acton, Calif./Bob Wadlow, 52, Arcadia,

Calif./Greg Hawks, 50, Santa Monica, Calif., Honda XR650

Great info! :cry:

1:03 p.m. PST Gordon just passed race mile 200 and is currently the

1st truck on the course with a 5 minute lead over the second place

truck. Currently the first 4 trucks are Gordon, Arciero, Coyne, and

Herbst (4WD).

***Honda Red Riders first at Bahia de Los Angeles at 12:50 p.m.

reported by ORC staffer- Bahia Mia from downtown LA Bay

It has been

confirmed that Team Honda 1x did clear Bay of LA around 1PM.

*Honda Team Red Riders Support Personnel in La Paz state they expect

the 1X bike to finish at 10:15 p.m.

A freind of mine is racing (was) on the #302 team......looks like there bike blew-up 7 miles into the race :cry:

It has been

confirmed that Team Honda 1x did clear Bay of LA around 1PM.

*Honda Team Red Riders Support Personnel in La Paz state they expect

the 1X bike to finish at 10:15 p.m.

A freind of mine is racing (was) on the #302 team......looks like there bike blew-up 7 miles into the race :cry:

Bruce, how's it going? It'll be interesting to see it KTM does anything this year. I'm sure KTM would like to win, but it seems they're still building their system?

Wonder if 1X can pull it off again. Isn't the GPS system supposed to keep them more "honest" than in years past?

I am not getting any "feed back" on the rest of the race.......

Last year it was easier to find out what was going on. This year it is like the news is being carried by a pigeon. Gene was in team #302 and is out. :cry: Piad $1200 to race and all the extra's for pitting food and help and it is over 7 miles into the race.

I will look even harder on the KTM side for info.

I think something is fishy with the Honda team.....there was a time before bay of L.A. that noone knew where they where :cry:

NEED.........MORE.............INFO......... :cry::cry::cry:

Yeah how come there is nothing being said :cry:

Right now it's like everyone went out for dinner!

Gordon's truck is still winning.

There were rumblings that Honda was off course. Then it all went back like it is all hunky dory.

O.K. where are you getting yer info :cry:

score's web site say's nothing just about the driver's meeting &%$#@! :cry::cry::cry:


These are some of the sources also a friend got a call from Bay of L.A. and thought Honda was out but, now I can't get anymore info.

Honda is deffenetly in according to the other web pages. It's all a bunch of gossip till it's over

I found out why the reporting has stopped. The Hellicopters had to land because it is getting dark.

The dreaded 404 page not found :cry::cry: BWB63, I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on yer post's :cry:

I think to many were checking out the site it's back up

This sit seems to be for the trucks but look who is in fourth! Any comments?

2004 Baja 1000 Real Time Race Coverage

6:00 PM: Robby just blew through San Ignacio with Ryan Arciero trailing by only 6 minutes. The race has now switched from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific side. Larry continues to hammer away in #12... look out! It has been confirmed that Pflueger is out of the race with a blown motor. Excitement is beginning to brew in La Paz as fans are waiting for the first signs of motos and race cars to arrive. Johnny Campbell is on an all familiar mission to win yet another overall for team Honda. Stay tuned...

Go Johnny Go :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I don't know if you want truck stuff? Why is there so little motorcycle coverage?

5:56 p.m. PST Coyne Motorsports Semi and Red Bull Chase Truck #1 have reported that Gordon has made his stop at mile 516.13. They are reporting no problems and they are very happy with the truck. Gordon is still showing as first truck on the course. While on the phone with the team the following trucks came through race course mile 516.13: Miller at 6:11 p.m.; Herbst at 6:15 p.m. and Riviera at 6:16 p.m. Gordon ahead by 15 minutes.

Trophy truck's are awesome :cry::cry: never cared for em till I saw them at the Baja 250 in 03 :cry: you can feel the ground rumble a mile away :cry::cry:

2004 Baja 1000 Real Time Race Coverage

7:30 PM: We just received bad news about #12, and it appears our race effort is finished. Chad just got report from his dad that the Trophy Truck is suffering engine, tranny, and electrical issues. Larry is down with the disabled truck around San Francisquito and it's not looking good. This will be the end of our run to La Paz. Robby still leads, and getting ready to hand over his truck to his dad "Bob". Supposedly Robby has to catch a plane out of Baja, to make a Nascar race this weekend. Ryan Arciero/ Mark Miller (good friends of Ragland Racing) continue to put pressure on Robby's bid to be the first race truck to La Paz. Overall leader at this point appears to be Andy McMillin, in a Class 1 race car. We will continue to focus on the two Chevy Bowtie warriors out front as the race progresses. Still a long race ahead for all. Brian & Larry did a great job today, unfortunately Baja won this battle.

What happened? I step out for a few minutes and I am lost

At Mile 911.67 in Lomas Armallio with an elapsed time of 14 hours, 11 minutes & 28 seconds, Team Honda's Campbell/Hengveld has averaged 62.594 MPH. It's quite possible Campbell/Hengveld may finish this race in under 16 hours!!!

I got this from another group...I am not on the phone:

I am on the phone with Klaus right now. He heard that MArk Miller has a new solution to re-fueling the truck... they are getting fuel on highway sections without stopping. They have a chase truck that comes up from behind and connects to the fuel filler... good stuff.

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