Baja 1000

Denise, You have my vote for Baja 1000 wife of the year! :cry:

Rob - All I can say is...YOU DA MAN! :cry:

Congratulations! :cry:

Congrats to Rob... He is soooo the man...... :cry::cry::cry:

Denise, please tell him how proud I am of him... He's a great guy and rode his butt off... Unbelievable...... I'll bet their are only a handful of people that could Ironman that race, and finish.... :cry:



The results show 3 TRX450R's finishing, I believe they have the same engine as a CRF. I don't know any more than that....

Denise, what a story. Both you and Rob did a great job! Thanks for the fantastic Spyder grips at the last minute. They are definitely the most comfortable grips I've ever used.



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