Air screws

:cry: Any suggestions for the optimum air screw adjustments for southern california .Glamis, high desert and local street riding once the d/s is complete.Looked at the FAQ on and they were vague.There a number of screws,Which is which.Jetting is at 68s and 175. :cry: Ride on........

You need to do some plug readings. White is too lean, black too rich, and medium-light brown just right. Giving the elevations of your riding spots helps or you could try the jetting forum.

Getting a repair manual would help you in many ways....There are specs and settings for almost everything on the bike....Trouble shooting instructions and I think you will find that it will come in really handy down the road....I sent my bike to the shop for problems and later found out that I could have done all the work and correctly diagnosted the problem myself....It takes some time to get farmiliar with your own model but it is well worth it especially when the thing starts acting funny and there is no one around to help...

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