250 or 450? Hear my situation...

ok. I am ready to get a new bike. I have an 01 YZ250f now. Great bike, nice power. I am sticking with Yam but am unsure if I should get the 250F or the 450F. I ride 40% track 60% woods. 190 lbs, 6'1". I am a good athlete and I am confident on my bike and getting better. I have been riding for 2 yrs and can stick with the pack.

Will the 450f be too much on the trail considering I do a lot of waiting & slowing for my wife and neighbors kid. (BUT you know I will love the 450F on the track!!)


Do I get another 250f which is sure to have power gains over my current 250F. I will suit me better on the single track trails that I ride on. (BUT you know I will be wishing I had the 450f on the track)

Which is the lesser of two evils?

HELP!!!! :cry:

Seems like your going with the 250f from your signature. In my opinion, I would go for the 450f if your looking to keep it for awhile because your crew is only going to keep getting faster and better. I own a 450 but I was also taking into consideration the 250f and so far Im loving my choise. I've been riding for 3 years and I've riddin every 250f and 450f out there and I ended up going with Yamaha(didn't see that one coming). I would go for the 450f mainly because since your already used to the 250f, why not more power? :cry: Not only faster and alot more brute torque, but the 450f also go alot longer on a top-end as well. Just my 2 cents.

IMHO, the new 05 450 would be a Great Bike. They say the power has SMOOTHED out. My 450 rode like my (light/nimble) 250F, with twice the BEASTLY power..............

I can only say that I ride my 250 on tighter stuff and the 450 on the faster stuff. Even then I would like to time myself. The 250 may be faster. I have rode the 450 in 1 race and the 250 in three. Everytime I finish a race on the 250 i wonder why I would want to race the 450. BUT the 450 is a great training tool and very fun to ride.

Hard choice good luck!

I'm faster on my 250F than my 450. It's just easier to go fast on for me. Its really depenedant on the rider. If your in the woods alot though I would think a 250F would be better. Or even (uh oh) a 250 2-stroke. The 450 is sort of a bear to turn. Its a great bike on wide open tracks but I don't know for woods. I like the 250F because I can rev the crap out of it and the handling is better.

As for the power the 05 feels just like my 03 does after I smoothed it out myself. I put a FMF exhaust and a 6oz flywheel weight on it. Feels the same and is quite perfect.

Good info... keep it coming.

I know it may seem that I made my mind up given my signature below :cry: but believe me. My mind is not made up. I should be getting a call next week from my local dealer to inform me that an 05 250f has my name on it if I want it... but now I am thinking that I may be able to get a better deal on a new 04/450f and have a whole bunch of power to dig at if I want it.

So please tell me more about and 04 450f vs 01 250F... are the weights similar? Given that my current 01 is the first of the 250 thumpers I know a lot has changed... could that mean that my 250 is about the same weight ads the 04/450f? Could the handling be the same or similar? I am just curious if the unrefined 01 250F could be on par with an 04 450f.

Can you tell that I want the 450 but I am just looking for a REALLY good reason? Cmon, help me make the case. Isnt bigger better?! :cry:

Ya know, I think I will add another question that might help this situation... Is a 450f harder to jump than a 250f? Getting air is fun and I keep getting better and better. Will a 450 feel like a load in the air? Not that I am a freestyler or anything but will I notice a difference?


Go with the 250f and get a 300cc cylinder for it :cry: The 450 will wear you out

Go with the 250f and get a 300cc cylinder for it :cry: The 450 will wear you out

I have to agree. Unless you are a top level athlete rider.

I stopped getting younger at 19, and I stopped getting stronger at 36.

Now at 44 I know a 250 would be right for me, but just can't let go.

The 450 puts a smile on your face, but kills you compared with 250. The difference is big, especially on tight terrain. I have tested it numerous times.

What's the use of smiling if you're dog meat?

I say get the 450. But then again, I'm an adrenaline junky. :cry:

Everytime I twist the throttle it makes me smile.

The waiting on the trail thing sucks though. I have to do it with my wife. Heck, I end up going three or four turns then turning the bike off and waiting for her to pass. Then I fire it up, go three or four turns and kill it again. I'm always afraid I'll overheat it if I don't turn it off.

Needless to say we don't ride trails together very often... I look for more open spots where I can keep an eye on her without having to babysit . ')

Buy both bikes.

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