BEST front disc...

ok guys, so ive asked whats the cheapest disc out there, now how about the best quality/type of disc? ive got my eye on the EBC supermoto oversize kit.

any other suggestions, what do u guys think? :cry:

Cheers - Brett

best asking on the supermoto forum brett as no one puts o/size discs on moto/enduro bikes as far as I know. Hey, are you the Brett from the TRX forum?

Gday Hamish, thanks for that ill have a look, besides weight am i detrimenting myself in any other way by going to a bigger disc or just overkill?

and nah im not the brett from the other forum :cry:

If you are riding hard off road, it would seem to me an oversize rotor would be more vulnerable to hits and getting bent.

I hear that te Wave rotors are the best.

for offroad it's definately an overkill, and much more likely to get bent in a fall. I ride my 426 on the street sometimes and I've never ran out of front brakes. Off road the stock disc has heaps more stopping power than the tyre can transfer to the ground anyway. The wave discs also work well, their advantage being a reduction in unsprung weight which is the most important weight saving for improved suspension action. My mate has a WR450 motard and he ran it for the 1st year with a stock front disc and was still competitive in the 'B grade' type class. As for the best quality in a standard size rotor. I think you'd be doing well to get better than the factory yamaha item. My experience with aftermarket rotors over the last 10 years on street bikes has proven that genuine is the best by a long shot.

Rocky Mountain sells several Titax branded discs for your bike. I have no idea of the quality level oin the oversized units.

I use an EBC oversized on my 02 WR426 for off-road. Frankly, the slight increase in diameter does not increase the chance of bending a rotor that much more than a stock size IMO. However, the increased stopping power makes the bike much easier to control - my first impression was that it made the bike feel lighter. If you ride knarly stuff where you need to hang on, the larger rotor allows easy one-finger braking. I love it - it made my 426 stop like my 250.

Excellent, thanks for all the replies, just the kind of info i needed


I put a Galfer wave rotor on when I bent definitely makes a difference in handling.....I think.

I put a Galfer wave rotor on when I bent definitely makes a difference in handling.....I think.

i also run the galfer wave in the front,and love it :cry:

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