Pics of my '05 WR450

wats a green sticker for ? :cry:

Sweet bike Burley.. What kind of paint did you use and how did you do it? Nice job...

That looks really good! I like it because it's diffrent. That is what makes it stand out. Great job!

What fuel tank is that??????


What fuel tank is that??????


IMS 3.1 I guess the old tanks fit..

I will get the specs on the paint and clear from the friend of mine that helped me with it. He paints cars and it was some super expensive high grade paint with 10 coats of clear. Looks dipped in glass. I hope it holds up. It is VERY hard and the skid plate and Stomp grip traction pads cover a lot of the frame. It is the IMS 3.1. Fits like a glove! Thanks for the compliments. Pictures DON'T do it justice. Now I am TERRIFIED to race it!!

Dude, that looks awesome. Retro yellow, sweeeeet :cry:

Very nice, very clean!

Any close-up shots of the front number plate set-up??


That thing is the shiiiznit :cry: My 01' looks like a rented mule compared to that :cry:

Can you tell me where you got the yellow and white. Its awesome. I am in the market to bu either a wr 450 05, or wait for the CRF 45 X. I love how you set it up. I now have a crf 250 x and the only reason I bought it was for the green sticker. I would of bought a 450 if they had one then with the green sticker.The 250 is awesome but I like more power.

You shore got a perty bike. Is that the "Rovers" special limited edition WR?

And I thought putting black BRP triple clamps made my bike really trick looking.

Dang that bike so pretty you hate to get it dirty!


That is the sweetest bike i have seen in a long time. :lol::lol::lol::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

how to you like the cycra handguards? What bars and triple clamp do you have? I am looking for better handguards, i have moose right now and i do not like them at all.

Thank you! The bike is so nice. No regrets. The electric start is awsome. I race desert and those dead engine starts will be fairly anxiaty free now. :cry: I had considered a YZ250F based on my size (150 lbs) I thought I wouldn't miss the HP, but the magic button pushed me toward the WR. Keep in mind though that I am coming off an XR650. This bike feels LIGHT to me!! Turns like butta. Anyway, I love the Cycra gaurds. They mount to the top clamp (which is an Applied) and it keeps the bars (which are Pro Taper CR Lo bend) uncluttered. I had to remount the wiring harness on the top clamp a bit different than stock in order to use the YZ number plate ( I don't run the odometer so that wasn't an issue) but it's really clean and I will post pics soon. Now all that's left is to scratch the hell out of it!! :cry::cry:


it rminds me of my old 84 yz 250 with the yellow plastic.... totally original what a great idea. :cry:

Regaurding the post "What's a green sticker" From Australia. Ya, ya. If you seriously don't know, it's dirt bike registration. If you are pointing out that your country doesn't have rediculously restrictive air quality and registration laws for dirt bikes.....great, I am envious.

That's a sweet bike! :cry:

That's a sweet bike! :cry:

I'll second that. That silver frame is great. Makes my tired old blue look even worse. :cry:

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