Red Hot Head Pipe!!! RED!!

How does one's occupation prevent their being philosophical?

No prevention although highly doubtful. You are right, I guess Shakespeare cold be a productive bouncer. Anything is possible.

How does one's occupation prevent their being philosophical?

Thank you! Someone with a brain!

Wyatt----My previous account was lost in the big upgrade somehow. I really registered in 2001.

Motobrain000-----As Nasser said “Americans are ignorant F##KS!” You proved his point and mine.

you know i never read any of the BS in this forum until today!!! what a douchbag!!! is all i had to say. there was way more energy spent on that than needed eh!! so ya #1 DB for the buff dude!! i guess idiots like me don't belong on this site.. huh.. thats too bad, i was finnally starting to fell welcome.. BOO-HOO :D:eek::eek:


more like 426onselfasteemproblem :D:D

yeah mine did the same its just thats how hott the titanium is that why it does that cause the pipe is titanium and they run really hott

holy crap,the moderators delete my post to sell some spare parts but allow this freakin' drivel to be resurrected? this should have been relieved of itself in 04 and definately not allowed back! bryan bosch stated to me that the members are the ones who didn't want bike specific parts for sale in their forum and would rather see crap like this. ya well not one member has stepped up to say thats the way they feel in the "can you feel the power" in this forum(several have said we must play by the rules) i believe that the thinking behind it may be more business oriented;like make the parts for sale section harder to use and eliminate horse trading in the forums.the less used parts available the more new ones sold :D 'welcome to the machine'

This kind of response annoys me. The original poster joined 2 months ago, and has only 38 posts. How would he know if it's been beaten to death or not? Even if he was a Gold member, he might have just dumped his last XR for a YZ.

If you know the answer, give it. If the redundancy of the thread ranckles you, don't read or participate in it.

Sorry to pick on you, but that's how I see it.


Actually it has been a couple of months since I saw a glowing header post.

I love those because it is a question I actually know the answer to...

And because people get so worried when they first see it..

Nice moderating Gray..

You really are older and YZer..

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