gearing a yz400f for more speed?

ive studded my bike for this winter. im gonna be riding on the rivers quite a bit and i want more speed then last year so im gonna change up the sprockets. how fast can you get one of these bikes to go? im just thinkin 1 larger in the front and maybe a tooth or 2 smaller in the rear. what will that do for me?



15 in front 49 in back works great on a wr. first will be very high though on a yz. maybe 14/48 would be better

im not really doin any tight trails so i think that might be ok. 1 tooth in the back isn't enough, maybe with one in the front as well it might be good.

that bike will pull whaterver gearing you put on it,I've got 15/37 on mine for road racing, no problem

what kind of speeds to you get out of that gearing?

just to let you know I run a 15/46 combo and top out at around 95! checked it versus the gps :cry: and just to let you know the bike above with the 15/37 probably pulls anything from 105 - 115 or more depends on what he has done to the tranny.

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