Wrap style seal saver

Hey guys, I have a question for you all. I recently ran across a guy at Red River Cycle Ranch near Muenster TX who had a set of velcro wrap style seal savers. I can't remember what he called them, and I can't seem to find anything similar online. Does anyone here know what I am talking about and maybe where I can find a set of those? He said they worked great and they would be easy to remove and toss in the washer after each ride. Could be washed with the rest of my gear. Thanks,


I was just thinking about those myself. I know I saw them in a mag somewhere.

I am not seeing them on there. Do you know what they are called or who they are made by? Thanks,


Same here, I'd like to know where we can order the wrap around seal saver.

Thanks guys

On the Ballards wesite go to suspension then accesories.

I looked at the Ballards, those look like the same seal savers (slide thru) except with Ballards name on them AND they are in Austrailia.....not feasible.

I did an extensive search for the wrap around last night - came up with nil.

This looks like a good alternative: http://www.geocities.com/rbjhengr/main

Im i little confused there, looks like that "tool", just aids you in removing the dust seal. I do the same with a small screw driver. Am i missing something here? Cya Stinson

The tool is a seal scraper. It cleans the dirt out of the seal.

im gunna make some wrap around ones in the nxt few days, flogged some velcro and neoprene from work, ill see how i go. as for that 'tool' just use a feeler gauge

Or a ziptie :cry:

I have not seen anyone online that sells them, but can go to any dealer and the have them. My friend uses the velcro type made by White brothers, which were bought at a cycle shop. I use the sock type from Sealsavers here is the website:SealSavers .

Where been using them in australia for a while now.Yes the work.They are made out of wet suit material and we call them fork wippers.There very cheap.They best ones require the forks to be removed from the tripple clamps and the cleaners slid down from the top.Like blue beast wrote. ballards sell them. You could always get some wet suit material and make them yourself.

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