Help!!! Confusion Has Set In!!

Ok, I just replaced the fork seals on my 02 WR426. All went well until I tried to reset the rebound. I have not changed it from stock settings, I am the only owner of this bike. The left fork went just as I had planned so I went on to the right one. I checked the setting, it was 10 clicks for rebound and 12 for compression just like the left fork. So I just turned them both out all the way. I didn't count the clicks on the way out during the teardown. Anyway, when I got it back on the bike and went to reset the settings, I noticed that the rebound screw goes way further into the cap on the right fork than on the left fork. So I counted the clicks from in to out on the right fork I have 31 and on the left fork I have 20. Why does the right fork have 11 more steps than it should? Any ideas are welcome. I am supposed to go riding tomarrow but this could throw a wrench into things. Please help.


I dunno, but aren't you supposed to set the clicker by # of clicks OUT from full in?

Yes, that is the problem. The right fork starting point is much farther in than the left one. Anyone else? Thanks,


I have no experience with this on MX forks, as I'm a bit new to dirtbikes, but on my Superbike forks, whenever I tore them down to clean & replace seals & oil I always turned all the settings all the way in & them back out to the desired settings after re-assembly, as sometimes the adjusters can get "out of whack" when dissasembling & reassembling. 2cents.gif

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