YZF426 Boiling

Hello everyone,

I use my bike mainly on trails, but sometimes on tight woods the motorcycle gets to hot.

I guees my question is if you can prevent a boil over on a YZF 2001 installing a radiator reservoir like the one on a WR 400? How does this worK?

Is it worth to intall the whole thing?


Get a higher pressure cap, increase the capacity of your radiator, get the boysonn (sp?) water pump cover and impeller, get the line cooler, and add a tank. Then there is a special paint you can paint the radiators to disapate heat, oh and get the fluadine radiators.!

BTW: Take some compressed air and blow out the fins from the back of the radiators and you will be amazed at how much dirt comes out. They get clogged and don't cool as well. And the radiator caps go bad.

The radiator reservoir is set up to catch coolant that boils out, and recover it as the engine cools back down in faster sections. It requires a cap specifically made for coolant recovery. It won't keep the bike cooler, except in that it can help keep the coolant level up over a longer period.

A 1.5 or 1.6 atmosphere cap is the simplest solution to try, then the Boyeson impeller/cover combo previously suggested.

Also use DISTILLED water in your mix.... :cry:

Use "Engine Ice" for the coolant. I flushed mine and used this instead - never had any problems since then

My buddy used to always boil his MX bike at the start line when he was a kid. His dad ran an extra length of large diameter hose in the circuit, thereby increasing the capacity. Solved the problem, cheap, easy, removable.

Clean the cooling system, add a higher pressure cap, add water wetter or comparable addative, and ride faster....... Good luck... :cry:

I totaly forgot about water wetter. I run an 85% water and 15% antifrezze and 4 capfulls of water wetter.

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