soft luggage for the WR?

I'm a big fan of Ventura Luggage systems. Sadly there is no WR fitment. Since I don't have my WR yet I can't examine the subframe to see if it lacks the necessary hard points or it's just a matter of nobody asking for them to make a suitable kit.

I intend to commute 40mi each way on my WR and doing the backpack thing isn't gonna happen. Any suggestions on nicely-sized tail bags or traditional saddlebags that would work pretty good? I used to have Chase Harper ET4000's (long discontinued) on my street bike.

Any throwover soft panniers designed for sports bikes with hilevl exhausts should do. Here in the UK, "Oxford Products" do some decent ones. Just strap em on well and keep em away from the exhaust can.

They also do a "tail pack" that straps onto the rear of the seat with velcro straps. Although a friend lost one of these at 130+ mph off his gixer!

Just read an article in Dirt Rider about a complete tool kit from Blue Ridge Racing Products DR rated it a 9 out of 10. Look like a nice fender bag from the pics and it appears they sell it with or without tools.

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