Nobody mounts a Tach?

Maybe it's because I've never ridden a bike without one (100K miles worth of street riding). I'm looking at possibly geting a SPa tach/temp guage with built in shift lights. Any mounted a tach on their bike?

Guess I should ask in the supermotard forum too.

i have a honda hourmeter with a built in tacho. It was only $10 more than the standard hourmeter. It's good for monitoring the revs when cruising on the street, but when you have the hammer down in the bush you never get the chance to look at it.

I've never felt a need for a tach while riding, it is nice to have when tuning, though. I plan to get one for my toolbox...I'd hate to over-rev it! :cry:

Actually quite a few guys in the DRZ forum have installed the Tiny Tach .

They have a "commercial version" that connects to the battery on the bike

and has a 20K rpm limit. :cry:

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