How much for an engine rebuild?

How much for an engine rebuild on avg. from the dealer(labor costs?)

Why did you blow yours up? What is it that your bike needs and why?

What needs rebuilding Pavel'? Is it just a top end freshen up, or a split the cases full rebuild? Nobody could really quote you without knowing what you need done. :cry: I would be interested to see what the labour charge is per hour in the US. Over here we charge on average $65.00 an hour :cry: Hopefully someone closer to home will respond..... :cry:

Our shops get around 80 bucks per hour, in the NORTH..


What type of re-build? Your going to be looking at a lot of money. I suggest you buy the parts and find a T.T.'r in your area that knows what they are doing and ask them to teach you.

I just had my upper done, piston, seals, and had the cyclinder sent off that was $200 of the $700 I spent I think my guy charged my 5 hours of labor, the previous owner did not change oil very often or clean the air filter

I was thinking about putting a new piston/rings in over the winter. Nothing is wrong but I plan on racing it this upcoming year.

How much for an engine rebuild on avg. from the dealer(labor costs?)

Someone with half a brain can put rings and piston in this bike. Too bad most dealers dont even have a brain, so your better off doing it yourself.

i blew up my yz400 and it costed about 3500-4000 canadian. that was for basically every seal, every bearing and anything that was showing any wear at. all 5 valve were replaced, cam chain i think the cams were too. needed a new head and cylinder, new top and bottom end.

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