Looking to trade ?

I have an almost new TY-Davis Signature tank that will fit a YZ/WR 250-426 tank W/Fittings that I would trade for a 99-02 YZ Tank if anyones interested. My only request is that the YZ tank's shroud bolt fittings no be stripped out.... I already have one of those....

Bonzai :cry:

Bonzai Whats up Dude!

You want to buy my 03 450? :cry:


Is your Ty tank blue, or natural?


There was a repair suggested a while back for stripped shroud nuts in gas tanks. Do a search.

It seems to me it involved hooking a screwdriver under the bolt, shroud, washer, whatever, and spinning the nut in the tank with a drill motor or air wrench while prying upward. The poster stated that the friction would soon allow the nut to pull up out of the tank, leaving the empty socket where it came from.

Then, you can hold the nut with pliers, or something, to seperate the bolt from it, and repair the threads. After that he inserted a new bolt to keep the threads cleared, and epoxied the nut back into the tank.

Hey Yamakaze,

I'd be interested in that trade. I have the stock YZ tank off my '99 400.


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