WR450 suspension- cross post from susp forum

Ok, I have a wr450 04 mdel here in the UK. I use it on and offroad, but only on the road transitting to off road places!! It runs MAxxis IT tyres, std gearing and RG3 tripple clamps.

I am a big guy, probly 235 pounds in all my riding gear! At the moment i have not altered the suspension settings from stock. I have not measured sag etc, nor adjusted the shocks / forks one bit. I am amazed how plush it all feels, and it seems to cope with me really well! I have only bottomed the forks once in a heavy landing intoa bog on a trail (bike stopped dead, I did not!!LOL).

Question is, should I tinker wiht the stock shocks / forks, or am I just too big, and need to look at respringing and revalving to before I dial it in?

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated, as always!

The only real way to know if your springs and/or shock is strong enough is to tinker with the adjustments. Arm yourself with the knowledge of "how-to" and run with it. I ordered the suspension dvd from the thumper talk store and it was extremely helpful. Now I know what all those terms mean and how to make them work properly.


If suspension upgrades are in order, Race Tech service is also available thru the Thumper Talk network at a good price.

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