Weight- Don't Knock Stock!!

I have a wr450 04. Its a great bike, but I reckoned it could lose a few pounds, (as could I!) so went about changing a few items for aftermarket "lighter" ones. The std exhaust can went, replaced by a titanium akropovich one, that wakes the dead now! It sis indeed save a few pounds, but not as much as I thought it would.

I junked a load fo the liht brackets and indicators etc and shaved a few pounds there. Then I decided to treat myself, to a new set of tripple clamps and tag t2 bars.

Just stripped off the old top clamp and offered up the RG3 I got for it! &%$#@!, the standard clamp is WAY lighter than the RG3!! OK I am sure I have strength benefits perhaps, and there is the rubber mounting, but I am amazed at how light the std clamp is! Is it mag ally or just cheap and light!

Morale is, don't knock stock!! :cry:

The aftermarket clamps are always heavier. They are just stronger and some are adjustable.

I took some weight of mine,,,

Scrap the starter and the battery, who needs electric start on a 450 :cry:


nooooo! I love the button!!

I took some weight of mine,,,

Scrap the starter and the battery, who needs electric start on a 450 :cry:


i hear ya brother! saved almost 14 lbs all together. when you add a rekluse clutch for stall protection,you got it made :cry: takin' out the battery also allows the use of a yz airbox,way better flow and 2 lbs lighter!

The pipe was a start. Loose the rear finder and use the YZ finder. Also take off the OD. This will help a little more.


Fender went a while back, trailtech is ordered to go wiht the RG3s!

Id the YZ airbox really 2lbs lighter?? Seems like a lot!

sure is ! :cry:

I will be keeping the lecky boot, but I remember seeing a thread on a smaller lighter battery?? Anyone got the link?? I seem to remember the battery was REAL cheap!

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