I have gone to the DARK side

G'day all,

I have merged to the dark side officially. I will be selling the YZ/WR 400 beast and the YZ250 2-smoke for a VOR. Not just an ordinary VOR but the liomited edition (only 500 made) VOR SM530RC. This is the SuperMotard Factory Race Version that comes fully equipped... Goto www.vor.it and look under supermotard if you want to see what it looks like.

ALSO, I will be arriving in San Fran this coming Wednesday, the 18th of june for 2 weeks.

Bye for now.


I did forget to mention, this thing can be setup for motocross as well.... :)

Whats the bottom line Mitch? How much does it cost?


Tony Montana

01 WR426

So let me get this straight.

You are selling the WR400, buying a VOR and going to San Fran?

Say big boy! You are such a rebel! :)


Dear Bryan, :)

I know, it is absolutely delicious.. :D What are the chances that you will be down that end of the world? Let me know.


The price out the door, with registration etc (yes, it is ADR compliant can you believe) is AU$14,500 which is about US$7,500.... Can you believe this is a 100% race bike and it can be road-registered.

Bye for now



Call me at the shop 1-415-865-1800.

I will give you the grand tour and we can grab some lunch or beers.

Love to give you a homie version of SF.


If you want email me and we can do it that way.


So Mitch, will the VOR help you get up slippery hill or will you still go around...He He He...Cambo...

Mitch, I hope your not thinking of riding that work of art. It looks MAGNIFICENT. I would keep the WR for riding, and build a viewing room in my house just for the VOR.


Tony Montana

01 WR426

Whoa Mitch.

I called into the Ducati dealer on Church St in Richmond the other day. The sales guy took me out back and showed me the SM530. He said it was the only one to make it into the country. Is that yours?? Awsome piece of kit. Love those cauliflower brakes. Beautiful, beautiful bike. I have been tempted to sell my WR for a VOR503. Love the black magic and good luck with it.


Hey Grum, Cambo and Tony.

OK, to answer your questions one at a time.


Buddy, I actually did make it up the hill but failed on the second attempt. I rode up soooooo fast that you did not see the first attempt.. :) That really was a tough hill and yes I was really embarrassed that I was the only person not to make it.... Next time.....


Yes my friend, i will also be MXing this thing. Yes, it is beautiful and yes I do love it. I rode the 503MX version in the car park the other day and wow, this thing flies. The wierd thing is that it is not agressively snappy as my heavily modified Wr/Yz. It is MUCH smoother and you travel much quicker.. WOW.. This bike I am getting is the 530cc.. Yeehaa.. Can get a 570 kit for it as well..... This thing puts of 55+ rear wheel ponies and the 570 apparently 63+..... :D


Yes brother, that is my baby. Cant wait to ride it. Wont be picking it up for a few weeks as I have to be in the US late this week. That means I miss the last SM race as well... :D Oh well, I will just have to come back smaller and better next year when it gets really big...



Check your e-mail (the one listed on this page).

Mitch, just got your message.

Left a message on the # you gave.

I am having a bbq at my shop tommorrow.

Any and all are invited.

Be prepared to have fun!!!

Moss Machine

1398B Bryant st.

SF Ca 94103

Chicken and corn on the cob. 2pm-?Saturday the 21st

1-415-865-1800 ask for Bill

Hello Mitch,

I just built a set of motard wheels for my WR. I really like that motard stuff. I dual sport and motard ride my WR.

Our local VOR dealer (yes, we have one) had a SM in stock the other day....Sweeeet!

Good luck with the Motard, send me a photo sometime (jglcml@mindspring.com).


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