CR 500 vs. XR 650 ?

Which bike have you ridden and what are your thoughts as to power?

Modified or not which has most potential. :cry:

I have never ridden the CR500 or any 500 2 stroke for that matter. One thing I saw in DirtBike mag a couple months back was that they at least put the XR650R in the same class as the CR500. It was stated that yeah the KX500 will no longer be produced but you can get roughly the same power out of an XR650R but with more tourque.

I've owned both bikes. What do you mean by having the most potential? The most potential in a drag race, or the most potential in the desert, or the most potential on a MX track, or the most potential as a trail bike, or the most potential in the dunes, etc?

Hands down, the CR500 revs quicker, has more explosive power and will also have more peak horse power with various mods, but it's not as much of a high speed desert couch like the XR650R, which has more torque down low. In the dunes, the CR500 will rule and it will also kick butt in a drag race and on a MX track, but I prefer the XR650R in the deserts, hills and on trails because the power is very smooth, tractible and docile if you want it to be. While the XR650R is quite a bit heavier, it does hide its weight very well once the bike is moving and it's also very reliable. Both bikes have very low maintenance requirements. The XR650R is no slouch and it has dominated the Baja races since it was introduced in 1999. The CRF450 is kind of a mix between the two in that it revs more like a 2 stroke compared to the the XR650R, is lighter in weight, has an excellent power to weight ratio with lots of usable & tractable power. The WR450F is an interesting choice because it's also kind of a mix of everything and it has electric start, which comes in quite handy at times.

qadsan said it all, I have the XR650R now and had the CR500. The CR500 is killer fun but, what a work out in the rough rocky trails, It lugged some but, not like the XR650R. I would have to pull the clutch or shift way more often....always working the bike to get through, get out, get over something. With the BRP It can almost be stopped in frist and still be running. It lugs so low that if you are still moving you don't even think of pulling the clutch like you would on a two smoke. But, on the track it's a whole different story! The CR500 is more thrilling. The XR650R will get you through the long haul.... I guess that's why out of the 10 finishers out of the Pro Bike Class (250cc and above) in the 2004 Baja 1000 eight of the riders where on XR650R's!

I currently ride both beasts. qasdan said it all.

Well, I haven't ridden a CR500, but I do own a KX500 and an XR650R.

My XR650R is uncorked/jetted, it is very powerful, with huge amounts of torque. The power is just like he says, it comes on really strong when you want it, but it's very controllable power and easy to deal with. You can ride it all day and not get tired, but at the same time, it's got enough power so you never get bored. The bike WILL accelerate!

My KX500 is a completely different story. First of all, like the CR, it's about 50lbs lighter than the XR, produces more peak HP (but less torque), and the power pretty much comes on 'all at once', like a light switch. There is NOTHING smooth about the power. It helps to ride it one gear too high, and keep it out of the pipe. Even then, it's extremely quick, similar to the XR at that point. Get the big KX or CR on the pipe, and you had better be hanging on, because it's insane. Pray for poor traction is all I can say about it. To this day I have no idea what my KX would be like given full traction. And I don't want to know, it's tiring enough to ride as it is.


'00 XR650R uncorked/jetted/street-legal

'04 KX500/fmfgnarly/v-force reeds

Well, I haven't ridden a CR500, but I do own a KX500 and an XR650R.

What about these posts??

Thanks for all the input! Heck yeah, I think that girls who ride dirt bikes are cool too man, I guess that's why I married one! And I agree about her trying my CR500! I don't think there's any chance she'll want to throw a leg over that bad boy anytime soon. haha.


'00 650R, uncorked, fun to ride fast!

'99 CR500, completely stock, fun to scare yourself!

I have both an '00 XR650R with power-up kit, and also a '99 CR500 which is completely stock. First of all, both bikes are damn fast. However, the CR500 weighs a WHOLE lot less than the XR, and also pumps out about 12 more hp than the XR with the power up kit. This equals more acceleration for the CR500, IF you can take full advantage of it, which is not easy to do. The 2-stroke CR doesn't hook up well off road, and spins the wheel alot.

If you drag race both bikes on pavement, all other things being equal, the CR500 will easily outpull the XR up to about 75mph. At this point, the XR650 will eventually catch up, and overtake the CR, and continue to it's top speed of about 100mph. The CR will sign off around 90 or so, and believe me, a CR500 is NOT nice at high speeds like that, it vibrates and buzzes you to death, and in general, 2-strokes don't enjoy sustained high speed revving like that.

CR500 was made for MX, which means in your face hard core acceleration and brutal power hit. The XR650 is best for wide open spaces at sustained high speeds over 60, it simply handles superb over rough ground at high speed, and the CR does not. The CR is MUCH better at low speed handling over rough ground, but still not as good handling as a CR250, in fact not even close.

Still, my favorite bike for a cheap thrill is my CR500, the power hit is just totally bad ass, and the bike is easy to handle for anyone because it's so light. MY XR is mainly for dual sport, mountain off roading in the rockies, desert riding, and things like that. It's still fast enough to scare the crap out of a beginner rider though!

I have had a cr500 and now own a xr650r. I liked the cr500, it felt lightweight. But that is about all. The xr650r seems as powerful than the cr500, and the way the xr makes power is really what I like. You can also ride the xr slow, or you can ride it like a raped monkey.

I hated the 2 stroke sound, and the mixing of the gas. So I got a 4 stroke, i think the xr is the closest thing to a cr500 in the 4 stroke world.

My wife wrote my last post dude, she does have a KX500 now, I still have my CR500 and the XR650R. Sorry about the confusion there, she posted the reply.

A wife with a KX500! :cry: Most mortal men are scared to death to get on one.....and this guy has a wife on one :cry::cry:

I have to second the "light switch theory".... most 2 smokes, CR250, 500... whatever,

its just like a light switch, its either "ON" or its "OFF"..... there ain't no in-between!!!

No happy medium! I have ridden a CR500, and gave it back to its owner!!! That bike "FLAT OUT SCARES ME"......didnt want to know anything else about it! CR250 as well! I have been RIDING an XR650R for 2 1/2 yrs. and it doesn't phase... usually, it can get a little out of hand once in a while on a nasty hill climb..... The motor just wont die, like even when you may have wanted it to!!! This would be due to "DEATH GRIP" on the bars, un-able to pull in the clutch!!! And it just keeps on going!!! Like that friggin energizer bunny! :cry::cry::cry:

I ride a KX500, it isn't really scary, I am 160llbs give or take..all it does is want to do 70mph powerslides everywhere...then again my rear tire is half worn..on the street it does wheelies..but not scary ones. *shrugs*...might be the elevation here..figure every bike is down around 20 percent on HP at my altitude of 6100 feet..(3percent per 1K)

Oh yeah dude, bring your KX down to about 600' of altitude, and then jet it richer and ride it! I think you would be impressed by the power. The difference is very noticeable.

OH yeah and by the way guys, my wife, well she actually has less trouble riding the KX than the CR, I guess it's the longer wheelbase on the KX, making it a little easier to control or something. I don't know whatever it is, but she told me to say that KX has a soft seat, and doesn't try to pitch her off as easily.. Ok so maybe that means the CR is a faster bike? I think the CR "feels" quicker, for two reasons; shorter wheelbase, and no powervalve, making for a snappier power delivery than the KX. That's my guess anyway. I really don't know which one is actually faster. Both are way too much really, but they are so much fun to ride, they are staying!

The 650R is the "tame" trail bike haha. Even though it's a powerhouse too.

I read the KX makes a bit more power and is faster whereas the CR has a better chassis for actually MX'ing. I like the old school seat on my KX though..I can jump it old school sitting down and let the bike pull away from me as I get into a standing position in midair to absorb the landing :cry: Alotof the CR500s percieved violentness is its lack of a powervalve, in all reality they are both insanely fast. Mine is geared for roughly 105 ish mph and it still slides sideways at 70 if you hammer it while it is on the pipe.

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