05 wr 450 help

just got a 05 450, and havent had a bike in 15 years. how do i get the airbox snorkle off and how do i disconnet the grey wire and what are the advantages?

The airbox snorkle comes out with a little persuasion from a screwdriver. I just put a flat bladed screwdriver under the lip of the snorkle and wedged it out. Don't be gentle! The grey wire is located under the gas tank. When yot remove the tank there is a black box with six or so wires going to it. Simply pull the grey wire out of the harness and presto! I believe the grey wire affects the ignition map in the mid to upper RPM's. I think it's more of a YZ ignition curve but I could be wrong. Look up ThumperFaq 250F. it's got tons of info on all the mods you can do to your bike.

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