Advice to change XR650L to R

Ok here it goes, I wanna strip it, kickit, and jackit up. Any advice will help. Signal lights gotta go, New suspension, Not sure what to do with sprockets. What should I do with the pipe and jetting. I don't want to get into gearing and things like that just some basic mods. Any info will help, thank you :cry:

Can't be done.

totally different bikes, if you want a R go buy a R, only way to get one. The L uses the Xr600r frame and the R uses a frame thats look more like the crf. The R is liquid cooled, the L air cooled.

The only difference is graphics...get an R graphics kit and then ride the hell out of it! Nobody will ever know your secret.

Graphics?That might work on the street but you will be the fisrt to know your on a L and not a R the second you hit the dirt.

These bikes are completely different. They don't share the same frame (R= aluminum / L = Steel), or the same engine (R = watercooled / L = aircooled XR600 technology), a different shock, completely different forks, completely different plastic, wiring, exhaust, etc.

To get the most from the 650L, look at some of the XR600 web sites for performance tips because the 650L and XR600 have a good deal in common. Here's some links to check out regarding the 650L...

Ok, I was trying to justify my decision of just keeping it. Thats it its going down the road I will sell it with the hay wagon, old craftsman lawn mower and the Buick Riviera. I am just going to sell every thing and just get my 05 CRF 450R. Its done. Thanks for the input, thats all I needed. PS I should probably sell the old John Deere snowmobile too. Thanks

I looked at both bikes when I bought mine. I almost did the "L" until the salesman asked me what was I going to use the bike more for, street or dirt...When I said dirt he told me then buy a dirt bike, if you want a street bike buy a street bike. The only downfall to my R is alot of places here require you to be street legal to ride on USFS roads, most of which are somtimes so bad I wouldnt take a jeep on them. :cry:

Back when I was a senior in high school (20 years ago) I had a CR250 and I loved to ride every chance I got the only problem was that it wasn't often enough...I didn't own a pickup to haul my bike and dad just wasn't as enthusiastic about going everyweekend. Behind my school was a great place to ride--twenty or thirty acres of sorta cleared but undeveloped land, about three miles from home. A couple times a week I'd gear up and supermotard my way over there and ride for twenty minutes or until the police helicopter left the station...then I'd have to supermotard it back...making necessary stops at strategic locations to throw the hounds off track. I only got caught once, but I had already made it home and had the bike parked and successfully lied my way out of impound. If I'd a had a dualsport machine back then it may not have been as much fun in the dirt but I could have gotten there legally. My point it that I enjoy my L for the freedom it allows; and its limitations keep me honest. I don't live in San Diego county anymore and I'm not 17 either...but I still love the dirt I just don't have any delusions of being the next Brock Glover, Jeff Ward, Rick Johnson, etc.

My buddy has a KTM LC4 and when we ride sometimes I wish I had an R also...

Roostin...what'dya want for the haywagon? I really wasn't trying to insult you with my "graphic", joking response :cry:

The venerable XRL is a good multi-purpose bike. It will never be a true dirt bike no matter what you do to it.

You'd be better off with a plated XR650R or the new CRF450X. Not sure if you can make the X street legal either. Definitely not here (anymore) in the people's republic of california.

Crude, You didn't insult me, i already knew this too. I grew up in the 70S riding enduros didn't even call them dual sports. I do have to say I have had many guys at tracks say, i ride it like it was a dirt bike. Iam going to break that bike in half If I keep riding like that. I agree with you I may just keep it and do some dual sport riding and get that CRF, thanks

Bakeray you are right also, I new I should have sold it sooner but it has been a ball, It was the bike to actually get me back in the dirt. So I thank the 650.

The bike is in the for sale section it is a 2002 mint with only 850 miles on it I would let it go for $3900 I don't really want to strip it, I have been dreaming about that CRF450R, just going to do it. Thanks for the input I may even keep it and two bikes. :cry:

I very much disagree with the salesman who said "if you ride in the dirt, get a dirt-bike". I sold my Honda ST1100 and KTM 520 when I got my XR650L. I ride it very aggressively in the dirt. The only real limitation of the bike is that I avoid jumping it higher than 5-6 feet (altitude) unless I'm sure I'll get a nice sloped landing.

I've uncorked it, run aggressive knobbies and 14/48 gearing. If I were into competitive racing, it wouldn't be the right bike, but for every type of 'fun' riding I want to do, it handles it just fine. And I ride with guys on KTM, Gas-Gas, WR's, etc. I never have to avoid a trail or hill because of my bike. It will handle anything I can try.

And like someone else said, the freedom of being able to jump on it, ride to the off-road area, blast around in the dirt, then ride home again, is awesome! I think too many people minimize what the 'L' is capable of. In my view, it's great for everything except competitive racing, and serious 'mx air'.


You know SG, you took the words out of my mouth, I have rode and kept up very well with all bikes except huge air. I did put the knobbies on it, wow what a difference. It could use to be sprocketed to take some high end away for more trail. Thanks I do have some pics. I will post some here.

On the same subject...

I just spent 2 days riding in the Ozark mountains with a friend on his KTM LC4 (and 150 other guys on every make of bike). Never once did I find myself wishing I was on that bike instead of my XRL. And that ride included challenging single-track, rock gardens and fast fire roads.

It was clear from watching all the riders over that weekend that the major factor in determing who was fast and/or could handle the 'serious' trails was riding ability and experience.

I'll admit that I might consider dual-sporting an R if it had the magic-button. Until that day, I'll be happy on my L. No more kick-starts for me! :-)


Your are so funny....5~6' on a "L" :cry::cry::cry::lol:

That's all I am getting on my XR650R! Setup race ready. I need to learn from you :lol:

Do you have some video's?

Here is a few video's of me on my XR650R getting less air then you are on your XL650LL what the "L" I don't think I am even getting four feet clearing the 55' tableTops :cry:

Let me know what I am doing wrong :cry:

There is only a 46 pound difference in there dry weight

XR650L = 324 pounds dry weight XR650R = 277 pounds dry weight.

yup, I jump my XR650L BRP too ... every time I get on it ... wait,,, I misunderstood ... when I say "jump", I mean, I jump up into the air to mount the too-high seat ... sorry ... damn, I'll be glad when I mount that new KoubaLink I ordered ... :cry:

I don't have 'jump' to get on my XRL. I'm 6'6". :cry:

I have found that by firming up the forks/shock it will handle as much as I want to do just fine. But I defintely know I'm not an mx-type. No 'huge air'. But it handles just as much fun as I can take.


Yeah that bike is way up in the air. I am 6ft and on my tip toes sitting on it. It is a nice bike though. Just not made for the way I want to ride. The problem is I want a bike for all types of riding. I want the 450R but I may just keep this to play on and off road and take nice roads trips. Thanks again.

yup, I jump my XR650L BRP too ... every time I get on it ... wait,,, I misunderstood ... when I say "jump", I mean, I jump up into the air to mount the too-high seat ... sorry ... damn, I'll be glad when I mount that new KoubaLink I ordered ... :cry:

I also have to jump to get on mine. I have not seen too may tall japanes and that is where these things are made. Who thought of making it soo tall :cry::cry::cry: Just somthing I have thought of like today when I had to walk beside it and feather the cluch in first untill I could get to a spot where I could climb on it while on the side of a hill. I still love it even though the tall guys that I ride with are laughing at me.

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