ufo fender

anyone have pics of a xr with a ufo enduro fender the one with the brake and tail light,looks cool in dennis kirk mag.

DON'T GET THE UFO FENDER!! It's more expensive than the stocker (from Service Honda), is thinner and breaks easier, and it has two unneeded holes right above the bolts that go into the subframe that will let dirt & mud right in to the space between the seat & the top of the airbox, where the air comes in. TERRIBLE. I'm keeping mine only as a backup incase I break my new OEM fender, but I have to duct tape the holes closed.

i have a ufo rear fender - it looks just like the stock fender - if i were to buy another it would be OEM :cry:

ufo fender

ufo fender

jeff :cry:

I need a new rear fender for my 2001 650r. I will be attaching my E-line kit w/ turn signals and light to it. Will the CR work.? Which year? I want black if possible. I need a ridgid rear fender w/ no light :cry: Thanks bruce.......Ride on...........

The eline kit was the first kit I put on my sexfiddy. It lasted about a day! The tail light setup is a friggin' JOKE! If you biff once, those turn signals will not stay in. The next kit I got was the electrex kit. That one lasted about two days--another over priced piece of crap. Now I run a PIAA 8" reflector on the front and have a put an 1157 socket under the rear lens with an led bulb. I'm working on making a direct led setup for the rear. I don't run blinkers but If I did, I'd get 10mm LEDS and just epoxy them in holes in the fenders. Never again will I buy a stupid dual sport kit! :cry::cry:

I did the 1157 socket thing in the stock fender and used a LED 1157 light! :cry: Worked great I wanted a different look and went with the UFO 1996~1999 rear CR 250 fender grafted into the stock fender and the acerbis LED tail light and those small blinkers I have have LED lights in them with a small amount of RTV glueing them in place for the rough stuff. NO-MORE BROKEN LIGHT FILLIMENTS :cry: Seem with normal lights I could not make it through a day ride with out a light burning out. :cry: Now they never brake :cry:

Tail light: http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Details.atv?pid=00070157

Or this one: http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Details.atv?pid=00024079

This ones cool also: http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Details.atv?pid=00024078

Blinker lights: http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/product_family.asp?family%5Fid=5196&gift=False&mscssid=0ACB428E65E0F433AAB672DCE366D58D

or: http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/product_family.asp?family%5Fid=5211&gift=False&mscssid=0ACB428E65E0F433AAB672DCE366D58D

The eline kit was the first kit I put on my sexfiddy. It lasted about a day! The tail light setup is a friggin' JOKE! If you biff once, those turn signals will not stay in.

I have over 6,000 off road miles on my eline kit and haven't even had to replace a bulb. I even left the kit on in a few nasty hare scrambles and it survived without a scratch. I made a fender extension out of angle aluminum and have never had problem with the tail light either. Here's an old pic of the UFO brake/tail light. :cry:


the fender I have is stock 650l I want to ditch the billboard light assembly and go with a cleaner look,I don't care for the under fender look I was thinking of going with a stock looking fender from dennis kirk,because they don't have the holes in them,then maybe using the old xr style tail brake light and just mounting my plate to the fender.I just thought the ufo fender with the brack and tail light built in looked clean,It"s not the one that mounts under the fender http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/product_catalog/EnlargeImagePopup.jsp?image=3X&skuId=590181

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