YZ426f Or YZ250 2 smoke?

I am wondering what you guys prefer. A YZ426f or a YZ250 2 stroke. What is faster and more powerful? I am debating on getting a a Yz426f or a YZ250 2 stroke. Do you think a YZ426f modded out would beat that 250?

I am wondering what you guys prefer. A YZ426f or a YZ250 2 stroke.

Well, asking this question to "THUMPER" talk members is kind of like calling up the CNN headquarters and asking them wich way you should vote... :cry: I'm not sure that you are going to get a fair and balanced amount of answers.... but really I would vote four-stroke :cry: love the bottom end torque and you can ride'm like 2-smokers and probablly smoke'm all..I can tear up all the 2-strokes on the TRAILS, on my 2001wr426f (yz timed), but I am not a mx'r, so don't take my advice if that is what you do...if you are not an mx'r I would go with the WR for a number of reasons, like the wide ratio trans with a fifth gear, stator, headlight (for night rides, and so people can see you..)...just to name a few.. yes, it is a little heavier than the YZ, however weight can be shed and it is easier and less expensive to get YZ qualities out of the WR than vice-versa...oh, and when you buy what you choose do some research to find posssible problems with models and things to look out for..ect.. there are very knowlagable people here that are happy to answer questions and help make sure you get a good bike.... :cry:

I'm still laughing at the CNN referrence. :cry:

Pretty tough to find a totally unbiased opinion here, but here's mine. I went from a YZ250 to a yz426 and have never looked back. The biggest difference I found was that it was easier to go fast on the thumper then the 2-smoke. The 426 power is broader and smoother then a 2 smoke. This combination made the 426 easier for me to ride and go fast on. This may not be the same for everyone, but it was for me.

"What is faster and more powerful?"

If you had to compare them straight up I would say they are very close in peak "power". But I think the nod would go to the 426 (even stock) because it's power is broader and easier to use then the 2 smoke. I think the 426 is a very versatile motor. I ride mine on the track and off road. There really isn't anything the 426 is bad at. It may not be as fast or light as the 450's, but of all the thumpers, I think it offers the best bank for the buck.

As far as which is faster, that is up to you and the kind of track/riding you do. I think a really tight supercross type track favors a 250. Wide open faster tracks will favor the 426.

Good luck!

What years and what kind of riding do you do?

Honestly here's the bottom line. If you want a boat that has power and turns like 76 Lincoln get the 426. If you want a bike that has power (maybe less than a 76 Lincoln) and can turn on a dime and weighs alot less, get the YZ250.

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