05 WR 450 ride report

Just came back from my first ride on the 05.

I have made the following mods. JD jetting, blue needle middle clip, 170 main, 48 pilot, starter jet 65, pilot air jet 80, leakjet 50, ZipTy fuel screw 1 1/2 turns out. Snorkle removed and side windows cut out of airbox, NoToil filter. Throttle stop cut. Exhaust restrictor removed.

Todays ride was about 60 miles at Georgetown, California. I did a short 1/2 hour ride to break it in and then mixed it up with technical trails and high speed fire roads. I was very impressed with the JD jetting, much more snap than my 03 (which I thought ran great). I had bumped the pilot jet up to a 48 and it starts right away. The only backfiring was at throttle full off on deceleration and even then it was only very slight. I think it may come from the air injection pump.

The suspension was stock set up. I'm 235 lbs with my gear on. The feel of the bike was lighter than the 03 as it was easier to loft the front end. The forks are stiffer and were a little harsh in the technical areas. On the fire roads and jumps, the suspension package worked well.

I measured the sound level before leaving my shop at 97db but that was on a concreat floor. The cut airbox puts out a bit of intake noise as well.

Overall I was pleased with the engine and jetting performance. The suspension will take some fine tuning after the springs take a set. :cry:

I just picked my 05 wr450 last night.Today I pulled the exhaust baffle out and drill out the plug over the pas screw.With just a ride up and down the street I can tell it needs some serious jetting done.My DRZ 400 has more power and that just an't right :cry: I wonder if I can use my JD jet kit out of my DRZ to get me by till next week.We are headed for the desert for the week.

Did you do all the mods ???

I did all the mods on my 04 WR450 and never had to touch the jetting or the air screw

The '05 is really leaned out in stock form. The fuel mix screw is blocked. After unblocking it I discovered they had it set at 1 1/4. The needle is non-adjustible. One clip position and I'd say it was set at #3 by comparison to the JD blue needle. The main jet was 165.

The pilot jet I haven't really checked but so far with the JD kit (main 170, blue clip #4, fuel mix 1 3/4) it runs extremely well. All other free mods have been done with the exception of air pump and tps.

Onelugnut, it sounds like you haven't cut the throttle screw yet. You're probably only getting around 1/2 throttle.....


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