Buying a new bike....Need Help??

screw the turkey[/QUOTe]

Well that puts new meaning in the phrase "stuff the bird". Glad I didn't have Thanksgiving dinner at YOUR house!

sounds like you were treated well. congrat's! what is the theory behind the teeth count on the sprocket? less teeth = smaller radius = for a givin crankshaft rotation = faster speed? do i have that backwards? you'll have to forgive the novice question, i'm still learing.

Smaller on the front and bigger in the rear will lower the gearing. If you go bigger in the front and smaller in the rear it will increase the gearing (make it taller geared). The bigger diamiter the front the more the chain will treavle making the tire spin faster with each rotation. I hope this helps you out. Stock the first gear is way too tall to hold you back going down a steep hill and you have to go too fast up the hill to keep it in the power. If you lower the gearing by dropping a tooth on the front or adding 3 in the rear you will not notice any change untill you try a steep hill.

Let me add that you should have a rim lock added to at least the rear tire as I learned today. I had forgot to have them add one to my rear about 3 weeks ago when I bought a new set of tires. The bike does not come with one from the factory. I was about 8 miles from my house today and got a nail in my tire and was going around a corner and gased it then ripped off the valve stem. I had to lay it down in the bushes and then walk about a mile to the road and wait for someone that I knew to drive by and give me a ride as I was walking next to the main road heading into town. I tryed to baby it closer to the road but with no rim lock the rim did all the spinning while the tire laughed at me. If I would have been smarter than I am I would have gotten the rim lock three weeks ago and been able to use the fix-a-flat that I had with me and been able to ride the other 18 mile to the shop and got it fixed. :cry: HAHAHAHA hind sight is always 20/20 :cry::cry:

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