How far on 05 WR 450 Tank

The tank seems to be kinda small on the 05.How many miles can I expect to get on a tank of gas.I hope I can get 50+ miles

These bikes are very sensitive to riding style when it comes to fuel mileage. My guess is if it's similar to the 03/04's you'll be on fumes at 50 miles if you're riding agressively. At a slower pace you might get 70-80.

25 mpg riding hard. 30 mpg cruising.

I rode 80 miles before going on reserve which is .3 gal. I was riding easy trails in 4th & 5th gear at 1/4 throttle most of the time. My '05 WR450 is stock except for the muffler insert which I removed.

:cry: Wow 40 mpg! That is awesome. :cry: I think I could hit that cruising with 30 lbs of pressure in my tires. I could never get past 85 miles on the 03 tank which was 2.6 gallon and 112 miles with the 3.4 Gallon tank. That is impressive! :cry:


you think an 05 with just the free mods would be good for 50 miles?

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