exhaust question

hi guy, I want to purchase an exhaust for my yz400, and I am undecided among a yoshimura rs3 or to fmf titanium 4 love legal or to dr-d or to pro-circuit Type 496.

which is the best? which exhaust does it have the best mid power and which does it increase the power in low?



My yoshi added more mid range hit, but the power stayed the same everywhere else. I almost prefer the stocker.

I can't say for sure on a 400, but the FMF Ti4 on my 450, with the Power Bomb header worked very well vs. stock. The power lacked the little sag/hit blip in the middle that the '03s had, and felt much more linear than stock. Dyno numbers on the pipe shows an improvement pretty much from one end to the other. Reasonably quite as is (17' can), but I don't know the numbers.

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