Jetting for a 1994 XR 600


I am new to this forum and tried searcing for this but had no luck.

I have a 1994 XR 600 with a white bro's pipe, Uni air filter,Snorkle in air box removed. 68 pilot 158 Main air screw out 2.5.

The bike runs very well and starts easily.

My problem is that it is ridin on the street and waiting at stop lights it will kind of cough and stall. Fires right back up but i think it should be able to idle ok longer. Any suggestions?


Chris :cry:

I also have just purchased a 94 xr600 and am looking to getting my bike up to par. I want to race an upcomming hare scramble but want to make sure my bike is dialed in.

My buddy had a '93 600 which I opened up for him. I got this info from a site saying this is what Scott Summers did to his bike. He used a white brothers header and pipe, can't remember which one.

Remove the airfilter lid and use an after market filter. Keep the back fire screen in!

then use these as a guide line for 500-1000' altitude

Jet Stock Mod


Main 152 155

Pilot 62 68

Airscrew 2.5 turns out

my buddy had a super trap with something like 5 discs in it. We opened it up to 12 discs and the bike ran very well. It pulled a lot harder and just seemed to perform better all around. Good luck!

Thanks for the info :cry:

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